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It’s literally over, bros.

In a short time artificial intelligence will completely replace real artists in all forms of media.
File: Z(1).jpg (10 KB, 256x256)
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So true
>These silly Photography crap will never replace portrait paintings.
We're still in the early times, this tech will improve, and quickly overtake artists.
There won't be any need to acquire artistic skills, no need to grind for years just to become able to make decent-looking images. Idea>Skill>image will be Idea>Image. There won't be any need to pay artists, or even pursue art as a career. Making new art styles and such will have more to do with coding, breeding different image sets together, and picking the aesthetic that appeals to you. As a consumer we will have so many products with crazy amount of unique well made designs and art pieces, entertainment will probably become much higher quality with a lot more output. But the skill required to make a living will steadily increase, as AI will replace the need for lower skill artists, and soon there won't even be a profession.
That is happening in every industry lel
That’s Dall-E 1
This is a good thing; less useless jobs on the market. Get a real actual job instead.
I don't think you have an understanding of the gravity of the situation here. If they can automate something with originality like art, they can automate plenty of other jobs as well. This may include yours and yes engineers can eventually be automated.
File: 1625066193269.jpg (150 KB, 1079x1178)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
It's over........
Even with painting murals you don't need skills anymore.

You just do a squiggle grid and then fill it in like tracing on the wall.
>Get a real actual job instead.
like what? flipping burgers?
File: 1654801475684.jpg (1.35 MB, 1202x1761)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
yep, it's over
File: adadadv-Q6.jpg (156 KB, 1024x1024)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
thats Dall e mini..

Its just over, in the future everybody can create pictures with words. So why pay a human artist that cost 10x times more if you can just create pictures.

80% will use the Ai
you're forgetting that computers are still stupid as fuck, if you think AI is capable of sentience or acting on it's own, you don't understand how AI works. ai art is probably going to be something graphic that designers need to know about like, but they'll probably be working with it rather than against it

socially we need to call out and shame cheapskates that use AI as their final design like people who use clip art. and they'll probably be legal copyright battles with the ai software company for doing that.
if you actually know anything about art, dall e is hopelessly immature and ineffectual.

you think code bros are gonna into art? LOL NO.

shit is so far away from being an artists tool. shit is just a parlor trick for now a long time comin.
File: 1579247173638.jpg (58 KB, 684x453)
58 KB
I mean even if you wanna argue that, society always values things made by hand, or by humans more than those made by tech, so realistically at worst it puts the lazy fucks making corporate Memphis put of a job, while people with actual taste will go with real, human designers. This of course all *assumes* that this technology will develop further, which is not a forgone conclusion, it could very easily stay the way it is, spinning its wheels in the mud, many such technologies have done so in the past
cope, you will be out of a job within 10 years.
File: index.jpg (15 KB, 311x162)
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File: 312me3zstt691.png (310 KB, 640x639)
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310 KB PNG
Dall-e mini ( Soon to be named Craiyon ) isnt associated with Dall-e 2. Even then, posting a shitty version of something better else does little to prove a valuable point

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