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looking for rotoscope software...free, libre.... or generally anything that fits my work with paint tool sai. Trying to get used to various GUI, UI but it just doesnt work so well... hell i cant even imagine how should a "perfect" tool pair be. any recommendations?

my basic needs would be, portable, lightweight, timeline layers, tweening and finally, times in fps not ms or seconds. the rest can be anything
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VFX pro fag here. i'll let you know what is the best roto software in the industry (yes i've tried them all): its BorisFX Silhouette. (formerly SFX Silhouette). its paid proprietary tho. but once you tried its PowerMatte features, you'll never want to use other roto software again. you never believe how easy and fast it is to get an almost perfect roto with PowerMatte's feathered mask auto-extraction feature. i dont think any libre nor paid feature are able to compete with Silhouette. i've tried AE's AI auto rotobrush but its never reliable compared to Silhouette. if you still looking for libre though, i think Natron is not too bad.
Davinci Resolve magic mask

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