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Lets say that I grab random images from google search and remove watermark using the clone tool if necessary. Lets say that I download random stuff from freepik without giving them the credits later on in the caption. Lets say I use fonts downloaded from shady websites instead of paying for the envato elements subscription.
How will ""they"" know whether I pirated them or not? Will they literally break into my door and ask for my shutterstock/freepik premium/envato elements account?
Is it really that easy to "steal" stuff or I am under the wrong impression and they have other ways to catch me.
Definitely given that I am not working for any worldwide famous stuff
Those watermarks and even encryptions are there because of absolute retards who can't work their way around it. They take whatever pic and slap the watermark on, so they'll have to sign in so the website can generate revenue.
I've noticed that they have a lot of vintage images and stuff that they absolutely don't have royalties for.

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