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File: gd.png (129 KB, 600x600)
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129 KB PNG
stupid questions thread/questions that don't deserve their own thread

read the sticky >>248316

font request >>429862

old >>409852
I use open source software only for work, meaning Gimp, Inkscape and Scribus. They can be fucky at times, but I had similar experiences with the Adobe suite. I enjoy Inkscape much more than Illustrator and while Scribus lacks the option to anchor images to text, I got used to do it the "hard" way and like the software much more now. Gimp, you either love and hate. I didn't like Photoshop much, so it wasn't hard to switch to Gimp. You might have to use Krita for some things in addition, and Gimp doesn't have a CMYK mode yet.

Affinity is probably a good alternative, too, and I have the suite, but still use abovementioned programs because I'm used to them.

If you don't have to go for adobe because of your employer, if you have one, try other software first or pirate it. I wouldn't pay the monthly fee, imo it's not worth it.
>Gimp, you either love and hate
*love or hate
I'm retarded. Or maybe my original sentence is correct. You'll be the judge
I got into a book with this font, rate
File: 1613073220444.png (55 KB, 1920x1080)
55 KB
Asking again from previous thread.

How do you achieve designs like pic related? I'm interested in making a program that generates these types of images from png files but I need to find out what this is called. Is this like a pixelated bitmap with two colors?
ASCII art maybe.
File: ascii pomao animation.gif (3.12 MB, 490x490)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB GIF
I've used javascript to do a similar thing, it would be really easy to throw one together with some user parameters. If you're interested I'll set up a repo.
That looks very nice. I'm inexperienced but I'll try to help if you open a repo.
File: face filter.gif (2.16 MB, 557x663)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB GIF
I'll set it up
let me know if it works for you, also rate my font lmao
Good font, I like the detail in the characters.
File: Template.png (12 KB, 321x208)
12 KB
I'm trying to "design" my own business cards. I just want them to be simple, straight to the point. Would pic related be alright or is it too basic? Could emboss/deboss the business name to make it stand out a bit more on card
File: pattern.jpg (687 KB, 1000x2000)
687 KB
687 KB JPG
Hello guys, noob here, Iam trying to fill this 1000x1000 image with pic related pattern. But the pattern is too big, so I transform it. Now its at the size I wanted it to be, but its too small now. How do I fill the image with that small pattern, seamlessly?
cheers, think i'll go with the foss option, i'd like to try affinity trinity but don't really want to pay and i'm not sure you can actually pirate adobe software in 2022. i'm used to photoshop and illustrator but i've been using gimp for a few months and it's not that bad, hopefully inkscape and scribus are pretty similar to illustrator and indesign too
File: pattern fill.jpg (274 KB, 1031x1061)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
In Photoshop you select the small pattern, and create a Pattern. Then fill the canvas with your new Pattern.
Thank bro, that does the job!
How can I legitimately find clients that want a logo from me? Freelance sites are NOT working for me for being too cheap ($5) or being fake (nowork) and social media is full of bots whenever someone tweets or says they need a logo. I’m considering quitting being a designer because this is not working out for me
You can test the Affinity programs for 10 days. You only need to make an account (can be a fake one).
I've learnt Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator and found switching to the Foss equivalents fairly easy.
is affinity worth it? if it's more similar to adobe software than the foss ones are i might give it a try. do you get updates after purchase?
I haven't bought it myself because I'm already pretty used to the foss softwares, but you get updates for as long as they don't come up with a completely new version.
But what I think is really cool is that you can work seamlessly between the three Affinity programs. If you work in Publisher and see that an image needs more work, you click on the button for Photo and get the complete Photo experience without that software needing to be loaded and without having to work in a seperate window. Only the tools change, but technically, you still work in Publisher. That's pretty nifty.
Download the test versions and give it a try, maybe wait until they have a sale. I'll probably buy the suite on the next sale.
yea i dled the affinity designer trial 10 mins ago and it already seems a lot easier to use for someone who learned with illustrator. i'm gonna dl photo and publisher to test them out, i think i'll probably go with that. thanks mate
File: Untitled.png (37 KB, 864x317)
37 KB
I'm exporting text called Trade Gothic LT Std but everytime there's an O or 0 it comes out like this, even on fresh sheets and fresh text boxes. Is this an issue with my version of the font? It looks normal in the preview.
File: howtowarp.jpg (593 KB, 2398x2122)
593 KB
593 KB JPG
How do I simply warp the corners of this selection so it appears as a perfect square? I want the perspective to appear as if you're looking straight at it instead of a slightly top-down view. The distort filters are kind of hard to use
File: prespective.jpg (349 KB, 2398x2122)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
Photoshop: Edit > Perspective Warp.
>Perspective Warp
that's the word i was looking for. i found the proper tool in GIMP, thanks. i have a pirated version of photoshop but i never cared to adjust to a completely new program, even though i probably should
I need software suggestions: is there anything that allows you to do graphical design, but handles like Solidworks? Specifically it would be amazing if I could set relationships between elements, like lenght, relative angles, but also set a line to be tangent to a curve, an element to be symmetrical in respect to an axis, and so on. So far I've been using Inkscape, but I hate it with a passion. Please be patient, I have the engineering.
export a PDF drawing from SW, then simplify the paths
How to setup illustrator for billboard design?
I know it has something to do with turning the resolution while working on a small canvas so the computer won't explode.
As in is there a formula I can apply/follow?

Thanks in advance!
How big is the billboard? "Large canvas" supports up to 2270 x 2270 inches (57m x 57m)
Holy fuck I'm retarded My prof said I needed to rise the resolution and work on a small canvas to make it work when it didn't lol.

Thank you man!
File: 1370549410178.jpg (19 KB, 500x500)
19 KB
No anon, it's the professor that's retarded (sad! many such cases!). I mean you'd think they'd read release notes and keep up with the industry, they get paid to be subject matter experts after all...
need idea to produce this much of quality https://twitter.com/neko_cer/status/1367743647110766595?s=20&t=Zp8Zqe2p5qcQomWd457Nmg

but not downright copying the material
like can you find equivaleny element
wrong board retard
no u
Anyway one can mathemathically define the kind of content, quality, and subject, to achieve likes and retweets as much as https://mobile.twitter.com/neko_cer
but obviously not copy but maybe sorr out the market and deliver th quality? how to do that?
really thought graphic design is alll about clout and traffics yo
shouldnt be wayyyy down there for you
File: insane mutterings.jpg (119 KB, 1170x1080)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
i ended up buying affinity photo and will probably buy affinity designer too. they're great if you learned with adobe software, very similar and with pretty much all the same features. gimp is alright but i'm not a graphic designer so i don't have the time to relearn a new program and inkscape seemed very different from illustrator. would def recommend
shit keeps fucking crashing tho lol
I thought Inkscape was pretty easy to learn if you know Illustrator.
Affinity's 50% at the moment, btw
File: hmzkdbyvgan81.jpg (225 KB, 851x1329)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
what is this kind of pattern and how do I make one, guys?
when I copy and paste my borders into all artboards, they aren't laid on top of all artboards, but shifted to the left and up.

The black lines I have drawn depicts artboards.
cut and paste by border and background to all artboards **
in illustrator. How to fix pls
I selected the border and background layer, then cut, and paste them into all artboards. Now both the background and border layer's content are in the background layer.
File: 2022-06-05 21-05-00.webm (1.31 MB, 1920x1080)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB WEBM
You can't paste into multiple layers at once - it all ends up in one layer
Your source art is in the wrong artboard. If the red highlight is your borders, they're actually in the bottom right artboard.
Also lookup "symbols", so if you want to change the borders you can edit it once and the rest will update
Got it. Thanks a lot, fren. This was really helpful.
do you use a tablet for drawing? I dont mean a graphical one
Any good Photoshop tools available for free? I'm too broke for Adobe.
I was competent with illustrator back when you could buy it. Are there free alternatives, should I pirate an older version?
I want try my luck vectorizing logos or images for pennies on the internet, I really need money.
File: DungeonSiege1.jpg (2.57 MB, 1920x1080)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB JPG
Hey, y'all,

New to this board. Y'all seem like you're deeply knowledgeable. I used to play this game - Dungeon Siege. I remember the color palette in the first area of the game being pleasing but I can't find the words as to why. From my research, I'm guessing that it's a complementary color scheme between the dark blues of the water and the light yellows/greens of the grass? I don't even know how to factor in the grays of the rocks in and the browns of the house.

Does anyone know what literature would help analyze palettes like these? I'm curious how game art directors always choose such excellent colors.
There is actually very little in terms of complementary colors going on in that image. If you just google "complementary colors theory" you'll get the basics and you can check it yourself.

More likely is that it's just pleasing because it's desaturated natural colors. It just relaxes the eyes.

As for how to pick colors. I could go on for hours, but here's two articles you can start by reading.
Inkscape. People say it's as good as Illustrator these days, but I still haven't tried it.

Though if you know Illustrator you might as well just pirate it, there is literally no downside imo.
File: 1503575001621.jpg (37 KB, 262x269)
37 KB
what happened to the album cover threads? is there just not one up right now?

I tried to find an archive of them but i'm too fucking stupid.
I appreciate the links. Thanks, friend.
How do I get rid of black borders on a video? Basically my video is an uploaded song with album art but when I uploaded the video it has black bars on the side and looks like this

I want it to be borderless and look like this

I'm using davinci resolve and everything I've tried so far hasn't worked
what's better, Figma or Adobe XD?

is that ariana grande?
Several transparent layers overlayed on top of eachothee
Do you guys regret becoming a graphic designer? I only ever read about frustrated Anons here. Kinda pathetic and sad desu
It's kind of regional - in my region, everyone uses Figma. (West coast of US)
gimp for photoediting (make sure to enable single window mode), krita for painting

obviously, check out gaomon or wacom tablets
Not quite sure it's the right place but ...

I'm using AI generated artwork as placeholders for a little project of mine (board game for fun) and I REALLY like some of the images. So much that I would like to include them into the board game if it ever becomes something more serious.

Are such images copyright free ?
File: 1655607742906.jpg (214 KB, 951x1295)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
I've seen artists on twitter complaining about "watermark removal tools"

Can anybody name/link to any?

To be clear I have zero intention of using them on people's actual watermarks, I rather want to use them to clean up and restore art I scan that have text over them from old magazines and such, or like, for instance, removing the "sample" text from the official preview images of cards from the current Digimon TCG, see pic
That's cause artists are retarded and underestimate the power of Photoshop

Select the thing you want to remove with the wand or the lasso > Fill > Content Aware Fill
Unless you could recreate the same image with the same criteria then I don't know how they would know. You could also just modify them slightly.
I don't have photoshop, and I wouldn't know what version I should be pirating or from where.

I'm aware of content aware fill and I'd be interested in using it, but I'm also wanting a tool that isn't just filling in the text/watermark based on the context of the outside, clean image, but is also looking at the pixels inside the space if the text is semi transparent.

Like, if the software can sample every pixel inside the selected area, and also has the context of the areas outside of that, then it should be able to figure out what color and what opacity the text overlay has to begin with and work backwards to figure out the exact or nearly the exact original pixels/image underneath that area.

As far as I am aware, content aware fill doesn't do that. Is there anything that does?

(I'm stil interested in using content aware fill and PS if people are willing to spoonfeed me where to pirate it and what version is best)
What mediums are used in this style?
Illustration by hand, then scanning?

How easy would it be to make this stuff if I was tracing images?

I'm a total noob but want to design a logo that looks kinda rough/has some character
I have some awesome book cover designs that I want to put out. But I do not see any good mock ups to download or to choose from that have the desired dimensions and look.
What is the next best option for me?
I want to display them so normalfags will look at them and want to hire me.
Do I print them out and try to glue them together to another book and take a picture or something else experienced anons please help me!!!!!
Posted near the end of last /sqt/, but it archived soon after. Only reposting this once:

>t. IoT Engineer
I'd like to learn about some free visualization software for generating flowcharts and being able to describe systems at multiple levels of details. I'd like it to be a standalone/offline application, and not a timed free trial. My hunch is that this may involve a vector graphic editor (like diagrams.net), but I don't know what I don't know. If I can hyperlink to other documents within the file, that'd be swell too.

The basic idea is to visually document the state of my current network, catalog how systems and data flow and interact, and be able to "zoom" in or out to what level of detail I'm interested in at the time. Have a supervisor who wants a bird's eye view of your devices? Zoom out. Have a new hire that you need to onboard quickly with highly technical details for connection configuration? Zoom in to a particular device class or specific device. I was never introduced to visualization software or team management stuff like this, so I feel lost.
may help dunno
File: 00.jpg (294 KB, 801x806)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
How's the dissolving or textured effect are made in picrel?
Hard mode: in AI only.
Recc me some aestethic with sci-fi/dystopian elements. Smh similar to Cyber Sigilism. It's for tattoo purposes
stop dirtying the skin our Creator gave you, are you implying He was faulty in our design?
File: texture clip blend.jpg (55 KB, 1212x760)
55 KB
image texture, clipping mask, multiply blend
keep in mind that your card has a second side that can be utilised if the front would be too crowded
Late 1990s mail order catalogue made on a photocopier
File: noise.jpg (237 KB, 1200x786)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
anons, what is the common/best procedure for adding "vintage feel" to a graphic work? by vintage feel i mean grain and gauss blur(?). i mean how much grain should i add, how does "professionals" do that kind of stuff? i don’t even know what terms should i be using for that lmao
Does anyone know how to make this >>131553549 neon gradient design in Photoshop or illustrator? The neon gradient changes at different parts of the image and it all seems to blend together, how do I achieve that?
Whoops thought it would autolink, its from /co/ iron cat 001 storytime. >>>/co/131553549
File: IMG-20220629-WA0002.png (77 KB, 244x265)
77 KB
I need to make this kind of image but I have no idea how to properly manipulate channels in PS. Any advice?
looks like simple sepia filter on some, but on others I wonder how to posterize it so figure and background are orange, and shaded areas like color are deep blue (bottom right example)
File: 2-color-gif.gif (8 KB, 500x500)
8 KB
just save as 2 color gif bro
I managed it with b/w and then color ranges, worked good enough :D
Hey, I'm designing a reference sheet for language: space is a sparce, valuable commodity, and uniformity is desired.
What are some commons ways of illustrating that an element is optional?

I have both square brackets and gray; since the former isn't used in the language, it's is fine and allows for distinguishing being neighboring optionals; whereas the latter has 2 less glyphs per grouping, but disallows neighboring. Underlining, while possible, whill clutter too much, and I'm already making use of alteranating row colors for legibility.
Italics were used in the very first document, and was barely noticeable, with my font choice, looking from not close, I fail to notice significant differnce, so that too is not an option.
Emboldening is too attention-grabbing.
what if I want to animate them?
observing the vintage work and try to replicate it and take note on your settings.
File: 1637598698927.png (3.4 MB, 1600x900)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB PNG
Can some lawyer here explain Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License and other font law shit? Which copyright allows me 100% freedom to modify a font and able to advertise/sell?
>hey i don't know if this is the right board, but
will frame.io work in a pirated version of premiere pro?
t. thirdie poorfag
I'm not sure, but plugins do work in pirated Illustrator. So possibly.
how does breakcore visuals get made
Does anyone know of any social media profiles (instagram etc.) that use the format of social media itself in interesting/creative ways? (Rather than just the content/subject being experimental.) Not really a great example, but for example, Fantastic Man delete all the old content and start fresh on their Instagram when releasing a new issue.
I've been using pirated CS6 for years now, just check each version difference and see what finds your needs
Is it worth going to college to become a video editor when you're 22? I know I want to do video editing, but if I could avoid getting into crippling debt that would be swell.
File: gmf.png (335 KB, 450x1188)
335 KB
335 KB PNG
which one is better and how can I improve it?
I like top best, simple.
Maybe take the background from N.02 and extend it to the borders, edit the shape if necessary, then apply it to N.01
If it doesn't work out 01 is very nice to me.
just build nice porfolio by pandering to the big and small companies, post it on tiktok instagram youtube and copy someone's ToS and NDA. No need for college and debts
first 2 are least fucked
File: Untitled.jpg (219 KB, 2100x700)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
hopefully not too stupid but i don't know what board would be more appropriate for this
what can i use to create a similar compression effect to these album covers? is it just passed through a VHS filter or something? i'm using Gimp for what it's worth.
Notice this.
Combat sects,
HeXen95 is Wulfesufer The Game (against, also cleric) and World War Zero 2-1 is Danceforest The Game (offside).
Both are dead looks are valued and considered to mean.
Do N O T engage in systematic their research without capability to stand out completely untouched as both projects are closed no discussion no fanfic and no adjoin.
Notification regarding this to be never mind.
anons, help. how would you design a scoring form? this is the best I can came up with without sacrificing the explanation for each choice below the buttons.
File: Overgrown Lines.jpg (993 KB, 2400x2400)
993 KB
993 KB JPG
I've been staring at this for too long and I've lost all perspective. Is it any good or do I need to change gears?
use mirror while viewing the drawing to reset your mind perspective
like this
I'm worried less about the overall composition and more about the general way I'm going about it. Does it look too scratchy/messy? Too flat?
stripes on road should be roughly textured, shrink and deform against perspective and terrain
the road is definitely incorrect perspective. there's nothing in the picture to suggest how far away the end of the road is, but it looks way too small, especially for the angle of the curve. to see it more clearly, compare the proportions of the power lines to the proportions of the road.
Does anyone know what the video effect in this video is called?
Hi /gd/, please recommend a font pairing for a funeral brochure. Preferably with free/open source fonts.
I was thinking of using a serif, such as Fanwood for body and I haven't chosen a title font yet.
I want to make this picture big enough and still smooth/clear enough to put on the front of a t shirt. How do I do that while phoneposting?
Bigger version/the whole image
Well you could use "waifu2x". Although results with it can vary, depending on the image. This is mainly used for manga upscaling, but it works for other stuff too.
That worked really well, thank you. Can you think of anything to smooth out some of the pixelation in the word "Glue"?
auto tracer in AI or online website with minimal tweaking would do the job.
gradient map adjusment layer
What printer is good for converting to work for sublimation but I can find on facebook marketplace or at thrift stores for next to nothing?
Probably number two. Minimal amount of text and the grey background visual behind GMF is appealing
File: alegria 2.0.png (810 KB, 1080x1080)
810 KB
810 KB PNG
how do i make this gorilla feel more realistic?
How would I go about doing "personal" printing?

I want to design some shirts, but I don't want to set-up a marketplace and sell them; I just want to print a copy and wear it myself.
All the places I see online, Redbubble and other print-on-demand sites, seem geared towards people who want to make a business. I could try and make a "hidden" store and just buy from myself, but that seems clunky.
Any suggestions?
Make the edges less soft and try to match the lighting of the inside.
Can I ask how you would go about doing that? I'm just starting to learn PS so could use some advice if you'd spare the time and effort
Assuming you used layer masks to cut out the objects, you'll want to use a brush with a harder edge.

Not sure how to match colors in PS, but here's a tutorial on how to do it in GIMP.
File: alegria 3.0.png (801 KB, 1080x1080)
801 KB
801 KB PNG
Thanks anon. I tried, I really did, here are the results:
The stupid monkey's back was really really bright so the hue trick didn't work out perfectly. I tried darkening it but I don't think it worked that well. This is my first real try with PS though so im not too disappointed but I'm not done yet.
Satan wants you
Definitely looks better than the 1st try!
you can do that on any print on demand platform by ordering the sample from the particular company and make your design private or simply delete the listing AFTER you receive the sample.
Is there any place to get cheaper designs for commercial apparel than fiverr?
Jumping into freelance gd after working as a consultant for a few years then taking some time off after my first son died. Planning to launch just doing original covers and design heavy layout - since that's what I've been up to lately.

Need some advice on pricing. Any tips/pointers much appreciated. I am also going to offer a few free slots per month to help build out client portfolio and testimonials. Thanks
I'm looking for good quality SVGs of ornaments, like the inputs of picture related, with stylish borders, I don't mind paying for it, just can't find much so far except https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/qDd8P/ui-pack-button-styles-01-small
Just made this with adobe premier and ebsynth (took about 3 hours):
Be gentle ;_;
File: pano.jpg (657 KB, 2048x1024)
657 KB
657 KB JPG
I'm trying to integrate a 360°-panorama in a cover page about them and need some input
If i don't show enough of them they look just like any regular photo, but most of the image isn't interesting so i can't just put the whole thing there.
The image format doesn't help either, the panorama is a 2:1 landscape (and distorted unless wrapped around a sphere) while the page is in portrait mode.
pic related
File: test2.jpg (447 KB, 1080x1527)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
And this is what i came up with. The tiles represent the individual images used to create the panorma and the spherical shape can easily be seen.
Still; it sucks.
Any ideas for improvement or better concepts?
File: hkgrp-color-splash.jpg (67 KB, 1500x1500)
67 KB
Does anyone know of a monospaced block font like pic related?
How do I recreate these button's style in inkscape? It has a very thin border that makes it pop up.
File: 20220815_070123.jpg (297 KB, 1334x1808)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
Is it possible to work as a anonymous designer, or at least with a pseudomn?
Isn't that just a generic path set to a low width and filled with a dark color?
File: Miyabi Finished.png (1.12 MB, 496x592)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Literally just jumped into GIMP a couple days ago and I tried editing an image to make into a oppai mousepad. Can I get some advice one what I might be doing wrong? I had to zoom in on the original image and I tried to increase the resolution to prevent it from being blurry as fuck. However it still looks off to me. Also is there a general on here where I can get some tips/critiques for my editing or is that on /ic/? Despite what a pain in the ass it can be to edit images I admit that I do kind of enjoy it.
File: c6c.jpg (7 KB, 180x196)
7 KB
I want to make a logo for myself, something kinda like Zone's where its simple yet instantly recognizable, any ideas where to start, books, etc? Especially on the theory of GD, I have ideas of combining symbols and themes but it never really flows together.
can ya retards answer my fuckin post already
this is a slow board, retard. go to the discord server or facebook group for prompt answer. can't guarantee that they're answered by EFL tho.
File: photoshop.png (6 KB, 441x122)
6 KB
I wanna get into graphic design. Is photoshop and illustrator cs6 good enough or should I "get" the CC versions?
Also is it worth taking design courses? (4-6 months)
(context: I'm not a graphic designer)

How do respectfully I tell a designer I really respect their fee is too high for me and that I don't want to go ahead with the project?

Also is it rude to ask if they can recommend any designers that would be more appropriate?
ahahahhahaha bel peppers

ahahahhahahahaha I had to squint like a motherfucker but god damn
I have no instruction proper on blend modes/any advanced mask techniques at all, I mean ANY blend modes :(

god victoria before she got all old and ugly was yummy :(



Makes me think of Victor, Von DOOOOOOOOOOOOM COCKKKKKKK!

Had to.
If you turn down a quote you are required by law to buy the other party a chocolate cake as an apology
>I don't want to go ahead with the project
or say this... it's just business after all
how to get control on the market from underpriced hobbyist? maybe I can't change the global market but at least I could do it within my third world country's market. it's devastating when everyone thinks they can /gd/ but subpar products and impression from potential clients. it's not a healthy competition. is there no more helpline for struggling /gd/ here?
In photoshop, is there a way to turn a difference layer into a regular layer with the resulting colour offset from when it was a difference layer applied?
merge the difference layer with the layers beneath it
I knew someone was going to suggest that by mistake, but that's not my question. I'm asking, is there a way, to get the [resulting offset] of my merged difference as its own layer, not the merged result. So, suppose the difference layer is a black and green acorn, and when the layer is active at the top of the stack, gives me a regular acorn, is there a way of getting the normally coloured acorn on its own without merging?
Yeah, you make a copy of all the layers and merge them.
best way to get free photoshop for m1 mac?
I figured it out, but you must be ESL and very stupid if you think merging is the solution here.
ok, feel free to share. clearly I don't understand what you want; you've said so yourself
File: 1662372744542462m.jpg (167 KB, 768x1024)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Where can I buy this art book?
File: file.png (44 KB, 1799x600)
44 KB
hey /sqt/, here's my malware reversing website's masthead. which version of the h do you think makes the word 'gunhead' most readable? and yes im sold on the ascii art idea
looks great! also neat idea!
personally I like the middle one best. seems the most balanced to me. I dont think I would be choosing left one.
but it's not an extremely strong opinion - they all very fine!
hey thanks anon!! i think my fav is the far left because then the tails on the g and the d kind of make a nice symmetry that gets ruined by the h when it has a long tail too.

thank you for the input though! appreciate it a lot
its funny. I changed my mind and I agree. lol
originally I felt like the small h inhibits readability a bit too much, but it actually feels very enjoyable after all!
the symmetry feels clever and appropriate.

still liking the middle one as well though haha

do the small lines in the far left mean anything is their purpose to create visual balance? they are cool - just wondering
The g is the problem, I thought it was an s.
nothing special, just cool (i hope)
File: hsc1wibpg2k01.jpg (335 KB, 2370x1879)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
How many mood boards should I have?
How much does *competent* logo design work cost? The shit I see on fiverr makes me want to vomit.

>inb4 the sky's the limit
>inb4 "if you have to ask..."

I just want to know ballpark what a freelance graphic design fag is gonna charge to listen to me rant about how Jan Tschichold is the pinnacle of design and what my business does, and then provide a logo and/or branding that doesn't make me want to vomit.
File: wawawa.png (3.09 MB, 2446x2020)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB PNG
What's a good way to do anime cutouts?

I'm not after high quality because I use web rips of ongoing shows but I kind of figured out a method and this is the result. What do you think?

At first I make the raw cutout with the pen tool. I try to stay within the object borders as an easy guide so I can avoid stuff in the background, then I apply a mask, select it, make a new level, use Modify>Border, apply a 2px wide one, smooth it by 1px and then make a clip mask out of a new level so that I can choose what the border color looks like dynamically depending if I'm adding a border to skin. cloths, etc..
I might've been too aggressive here and there with the pen tool but what do you think? Do you have some other technique to elegantly make a cutout without butchering the object borders?
File: file.png (16 KB, 301x257)
16 KB
File: curves.png (1006 KB, 2358x1208)
1006 KB
1006 KB PNG
any photoshop master here?
Iam trying to graft 1 to 2 and then modifying the curves of 2 to match their color.
But when I did some changes to 2, the RGB values of 1 also changed, despite being a different layer. I was following some youtube tutorial and the guy was using GIMP and he could make the RGB values of two layer perfectly match with the curves. Why cant I do that in photoshop?
If I do understand correctly, you have two layers that you want to colormatch?

add the curves adjustment layer just right on top of the layer you want to color correct and create a clipping mask by pressing alt/option and clicking the border between the layers on the layers panel. You know when to click when you cursor turns into a little angled arrow.

what a clipping mask does, is only effect the image at the same pixels the layer below does (basically using alpha of layer below). you can stack multiple layers clipping to the same base layer, if there is no other regular layer sandwiched inbetween.
hope this helps
Yes thats what I want to achieve. Also Iam curious, when I change the curves of the layer 2 why does the curves( Or rgb values) of layer 1 also change?
I am not sure I am able to follow what it is you are observing.
Maybe you are messing with channels instead of layers? or maybe your layers are arranged incorrectly? A regular 'unclipped' layer will always effect every layer below (in contrast to clipped ones which only effect layer directly below).
It is also possible to clip layers to groups, treating the whole group as one single container/layer, resulting in everything inside influencing the clipping mask.

short answer: could have many reasons.
Not sure if this is the right board but Ive been wanting to try making video montages, can you guys recommend me some software I could use?

The problem I have is every search gives me either malware or some crazy $1000 apps
File: cyb_sketch.jpg (415 KB, 676x768)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
Sorry if this sounds stupid, I know absolutely jack shit.
What is a drawing program that can simulate the texture of a drawing pad in the background and has good pencil tools for sketching?
I don't want to create elaborate digital paintings I just want to create works that look like they're done in a sketchbook with pencils but the critical part is the quality of the pencil tools.

I get overawed when I look at all the tools that are there for Photoshop and FireAlpaca and there's just so much going on.
I have no experience using fire alpaca. don't know how it compares or what problems one could come by using it.

maybe try krita. it is a strong tool with dedicated brush engines and background textures for free.
if I remember correctly there are some quite appealing pencils in there.

Its possible you have to activate some legacy brush packs or something, since not all included brushes are being activated by default... not sure, just use youtube or whatever to find out more.
afaik the community is quite active as well.
you tried davinci resolve? its free version is very capable. otherwise you could try the movie editing workspace of blender, but I have been told it is a bit clunky..

I am no dedicated movie-people, but those would be my recommendations I guess
Does anybody know, is there a node based image processing software?
Something similar to procedual texture creators, I guess. A kind of photoshop plugin would be the best for me.

I am having wet dreams about photoshop working node-based addtionally to linearly / in layers. by now I am sick of duplicating layers at different blend modes and stuff and want to just plug the same layer into many different adjustment operations in parallel (as opposed to 'in series') to do multiple stuff simultaneously with it.
eg. pulling highlights and shadows from the same source layer instead of having to work with clunky copies. on top of one another.
I might be overromanticising but in my mind that would be amazing!

Blender is cool and all, but it lacks some tools you need for retouching or is at the very least unnecessarily inconvenient for that task. photomanipulation is simply not its purpose. and I don't want to switch programms during one project unnecessarily since what I am trying to accomplish is speed and intuitive working steps.

just imagine connecting one easily to manipulate layer into masking slots of multiple other layers. just like that *plop*

no more groups within groups for masking purposes or updating several identical masks since you changed one crucial thing.

I am drooling again
(yeah I know, smart object can do some of that stuff since every copy autoupdates)
Thanks bro, I've watched some videos and such and it looks to be what I'm after.
File: Karate3.png (99 KB, 9216x3456)
99 KB
Making a sign/banner for my karate school.
Want to keep is super simple, just black text saying "Karate" on a white background.

Former head instructor wants yellow text on a red background but I think that looks like eye cancer.
Anyway, my question is what font do you think would be best for this.
File: Karate3.png (530 KB, 9216x3456)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
yoo das nice to hear!
File: karate.png (58 KB, 2000x726)
58 KB
File: karate1.png (518 KB, 9127x3456)
518 KB
518 KB PNG

eugh. not trying to be mean, but I think you should try finding someone semi professional whom you pay to make you something presentable.

don't get me wrong. maybe the shitty understatement look is good and fitting in your case - sometimes people find it personal and very maybe even charming.
I cant know. I lack context.
but looking at it from afar? honestly if you do consider your examples good logo solutions, I would not trust your aesthetic sense a huge lot and strongly advise you to stump up a few bucks and pay for help. idk go to a local design school or sth and ask whether somebody wants to join if you are unsure where to ask.

what do you think? obviously I am no authority and I am not trying to act like one
It isn't supposed to be pretty and I am not making a brand.
It is literally just a useful generic easily legible, ease to understand banner to show people where the karate class is.

If it is generic then it can be reused at several events and also if we change locations.

Again, it isn't a logo, it ain't trying to be cute, and it ain't going to be trademarked or used as a branding campaign.
It is just a sign that can be seen from the road so that people know where the karate place is.
File: Karate_Fonts.png (122 KB, 1421x1689)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
okay I see. makes sense to me!

well. from my perspective there are 4 larger categories of fonts you could distiguish between in this case:

>chique (eugh bad term but its whatever)

they all give very different flavours, and what is the best depends on your clients and overall appearance.
File: DIN_5008_Form_B.svg.png (101 KB, 1447x2048)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
Is there any business letter design with more SOVL than DIN 5008 form B?
In Blender, when using a grease pencil and then animating what I've drawn with "build modifier", how can I get it to not depend on the speed I'm drawing?
When I draw a straight line it is fast (which makes it straighter) but when I draw angles its slower because I physically draw slower.
Is drawing on a tablet a real thing, or is it mostly meme?

If so: what are good /gd/ android drawing apps (gf wants an iPad with Procreate but I'm trying to find arguments to dissuade her)
I'm looking for a cracked version of Corell Draw, anyone got a link?
File: file.png (1.1 MB, 720x1000)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
How are would it be to make the black in this image transparent (for screen printing reasons) in gimp or ps? Is this something a patient retard can figure out or should I just outsource it? I'd like to keep white brush strokes which I imagine makes it more difficult.
hm. I think (think!) it should be fairly easy to do.
I am not sure I understand what exactly you are imagining. And I never did screen printing myself.

Yet I have something for you to work with, which turns the image into separate channels you need for printing:
in image software you can switch the image mode to cmyk, which transforms the file into mentioned 4 channels (CMYK) instead of 3 (RGB). afterwards in the channels panel you can mask each individual channel (ctrl + click on channel in photoshop). create new layer. paste pure respective channel color onto layer. repeat for each channel for a total of 4 layers.
set channels to multiply in front of white bg and the result will look exactly like the original. you can certainly export these channels individually to do other stuff with them.

keep in mind that even in the black parts of your image there are other colors as well. if you don't want that, you have to do additional manual work.
it depends a lot on what she draws, it's an actual thing for webcomic artists and stuff. more traditional digital artists will usually opt for a dedicated tablet though just because the software on pc is way better than an app on ipad
Thank you anon, I wanted to print this onto a black flannel and was hoping to make it SEEM painted. I figured printing black onto black fabric would look like shit. I've never done screen printing either so I have no idea what I'm doing. Obviously painting it on would look best, but I don't know how to paint or know people who can paint (something like this).
File: TESTFONTS.png (67 KB, 718x525)
67 KB
Do these fonts go together?
okay. figured I could probably learn a bit from this and did a bit of research.

disclaimer: I am still no printer. no experience, but could see myself giving it a shot for fun and curiosity.

>overarching thoughts.
where I live textile print shops do relatively good work for quite cheap. 20 bucks for larger than letter sized digital prints (textile not included) isn't something I do extremely often, but think is affordable still. one of the main benefits of screen printing of course is scalability of production. with unique prints you could be better off just digital printing it, eventho max opacity of the colors might be lower and durability is worse. If you decide to go for digital, it is very important to use extremely high cotton fabrics (80-100%) since longevity of the print suffers from synth fibres.
>digital printing doesnt require any work, is relatively cheap, but isnt the highest quality you can get.

Screen printing one piece at a shop is pretty much a nono from my experience, since it is unfeasably expensive for that. from what I remember it starts becoming cheaper after no less than like 50 prints or so. - anyways -
If you are having fun trying and possibly failing a screen print yourself though, I would maybe go that route!

>red and white on black.
this means you need 2 colors, and therefore 2 screens.
screen printing process https://youtu.be/iwkSYrKIEiI
thoughts on preproduction https://youtu.be/L0NZBiUWAE4?t=42

my rough preproduction approach in your case:
>create high contrast black and white version, turning reds white (black and white adjustment layer).
>use that as main mask. (you can work with channels as mentioned >>435833)
>black out white lines. (similar process. might involve inverting colors and levels)
mask for red screen pretty much done.
>repeat roughly same steps for whites.
>use halftone filters for printable shading (sp is binary)
>export individually

careful: your image is super tiny/pixelated
File: 1660777938849.png (818 KB, 1303x738)
818 KB
818 KB PNG
Making an EP: it'll be a practice EP before making an album
Anyways, any tips to improve this cover? I want to give off an attitude that this is about internet/meme culture. It needs a background, but I'm not sure what kind of background would be fitting for it. Any tips?
Kek I might use this for my background.
How do you vectorize hand-painted watercolor painting assets like pic related? Or is it done using watercolor brush in AI?
Do they go together?
File: 1650408457310.png (457 KB, 710x537)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
I'm not sure if this is the board to for this, but since /g/ wasn't really of much help, I'm asking here now.
I need recommendations on video editing programs that aren't too dependant on your computer specs. Something like Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas is out of the picture.
I was using DaVinci Resolve before, but an update made it unuseable for some weird reason, and I started using Shotcut after that, but it feels really basic and lacks a lot of features.
I'm probably gonna start downloading every single editor out there to try them all, but before I try that shotgun approach, I wanted to hear from someone with experience first.

If this isn't the board for this question, then help me a bit and redirect me somewhere I can ask this stupid question.
Is there a specific name for this kind of glossy and liquified effect that can help source similar things to it and tutorials related to it?
Is there a way to change the color of a selected region in photoshop while keeping the gradient?

Selecting color under edit --> fill lets me use the eyedropper tool to select a color elsewhere, but it just results in a solid fill of the area, which isn't what I want.
blening mode st to color?
it is difficult understanding what it is you want to know...
Say you have a blue square with a top to bottom gradient. Then a red square next to it that's a solid color. Is there a way for me to change the blue square to the color of the red square while keeping the gradient?

The only way I know of atm is to manually look at the topmost shade of blue vs the bottommost shade of blue on the color map and try to replicate the difference with the red color, but I feel like there has to be an easier way to do that.
File: entusiasmo.jpg (21 KB, 564x564)
21 KB
okay I think I understand now.
well. sadly no one simple answer, since it is very situationally dependent.

Basically (assuming there are not multiple hues in your gradient) you could turn it red by adding a layer in pure red on top (masked or clipped) and setting it to color or hue blend mode. this way in all underneath pixels the hue H in HSB will be overwritten with the new color (red) without affecting saturation S or brightness B.
Another easy way would be using the hue/saturation adjustments layer (clipped) and shifting every hue by equal amounts.

A problem (and reason for this often lookking funky) is that HSB is a way of splitting colors into components that are easy for computers to understand, but not for the human visual system. Same saturation and brightness CYAN to our eye loooks brighter than for example same saturation brightness PURPLE, eventho out-of-the-box photoshop will tell you that they are equally bright (!!!). this has many consequences, one of which you seemingly just encountered.

here is a vid of a guy who stumbled across this unprepared and how he went to get a grasp:

and here more dry color lectures:

It leaves us at a point where if we want a visually balanced output, we have to manually set all three components of the HSB color
set the file color (settings) to another color mode (like LAB).
Latter approach of course comes with other new problems such as not being supported by gpu.

the last option I could think of is using a gradient map adjustment layer, setting every step of the gradient by hand. you can make a white to black base rectangle and put (many copies of different) gradient maps on top, which would leave you at maximum visual data being used as effectively and controllable as possible. but it might not be super easy if you are inexperienced with that stuff. this could take some time idk.
>>436259 (You)

The L in LAB stands for Luminosity, which of course is not the same as Brightness B in HSB.
Brightness describes "the amount of added black", not differentiating what original color pure black is being added to.
Luminosity describes the visual brightness of a color, while regarding color gamuts.

in picrel you can see a thing I once put together for myself in order to acquire a better understanding of this
When typesetting a phone number that ends in a word (like 1-800-CONTACTS, or 1-800-2KILLME), I've sometimes seen the translation of those letters into numbers, or the whole phone number as digits, placed alongside or below the word-number. Is there any good way to do this? I can't find examples pretty much anywhere,
File: download.png (66 KB, 225x225)
66 KB
... not really what I was asking about anon. I'm trying to find ways of doing pic related that makes sense, especially in print media.
File: v1.1.jpg (3.46 MB, 5000x7500)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB JPG
Can anyone identify the font in this pic?

Also I'm about to redraw the blurry parts of this map from scratch-- any advice? Is there some miracle ai upscaling tool that can save me a bunch of time that I should know about? Just thought I'd ask.
Hey goys, any recommendation for high end monitors or reading material for my wife? She is a beginner designer. I saw that there are Photoshop magazines, are they worth a shit?
you can design on any monitor just as you can unscrew with any cheap driver. but if you enjoy good tools or are thinking about getting something of additional use, consider buying a true to color monitor. I wouldnt recommend going a crazy expensive route as a beginner though. - something like 400 bucks should be plenty! A commonly agreed upon sweet spot for design work displays are 27inch 1440p ips panels. these provide an appealing pixel density, a lot of space and overall good colors. refresh rate is on the lower end but for design you simply do not care... you should keep having an eye open for sRGB ratings of like 99-100%. hdr is nice, but not a must have.
Personally I would definitely say that any dual monitor setup is superior to a colorcorrect single monitor one, but tastes might differ.
I am running two cheap 24inch ones and a mid range 27inch benq. 3 monitors honestly doesnt contribute much compared to 2 monitors.

I mean just try it? I personally never read one and dont think that it would do much for me personally, since I am using online resources. But honestly its not about what others think or do if it provides any value to you. idk but just buy one or two for your partner and let her decide. shell be happy no matter what and afterwards you know way more than anybody here could ever tell you. besides that I have no information regarding this topic
Thanks m8,
Do you draw at all? Do you know the best in class drawing tablet? iPad or Wacom?
as an aspiring graphic designer which should I get my head around first and foremost

Where can I leech affinity brush besides graphi*ex?
what search term do i use if i want to look for a mockup version (psd or ai) of adobe photoshop itself, like the windows, its interface, its tools and shiet?
File: Recurso 20.png (20 KB, 600x413)
20 KB
I would use a ruler first. Don't try to reinvent the wheel, just copy what works first and then it's easier to build on top, using free templates to base it off of will help make it more professional
File: 166710248855890370.jpg (665 KB, 2033x2048)
665 KB
665 KB JPG
How do I achieve this exact look with Photoshop? I know how to do displacement maps and I have the ink bleed effect down, but I can't figure out how to get the grainy paper texture to show through the black ink.
What are some alternatives to fiverr and upwork?
Photoshop. (Raster)
Illustrator. (Vector)
InDesign. (Type Layout)

Master those. After that, it depends on where you want to go.

3D? Sure, go Blender.
Motion Graphics? AfterEffects.
Video? Premiere Pro.
UI/UX? XD or Figma.

Above all, design fundamentals will always be king. Learn to apply good design across whatever tool/medium you use.

File: advice.png (3.73 MB, 2004x1744)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB PNG
Hey /gd/ can you give me some feedback and tips on photo manipulation?
I use GIMP since adobe photoshop is expensive and I am pretty much self taught so I know I am doing a few things wrong.

Can you tell me the best way to change hair colour and how to add lipstick? I have my own ways but it isnt 100% convincing. Any feedback on how to improve these pictures would be really helpful
Sony Vegas for video
>Above all, design fundamentals will always be king.
100%. And, understand what design is, and how it's not all 'cool shit" like logos or album covers. The vast majority of work is going to be on stuff like designing a coupon, or redoing the entire catalog of internal documents for HR and the forms they need filled out and distributed. (been there, paid the rent with it.) It's boring stuff, that's more utility than aesthetics. But it pays the bills, and is paying dues to get to the cool stuff. When I started out working for agencies, as a junior/temp designer I got the boring stuff the senior designs or art directors didn't want to deal with. But I learned to be efficient, have an eye for detail, and learn how to have function AND good design. It's like designing a book - everyone wants to do the cover, but I got into the design principles and best practices for laying out the text, and diving into fonts for readability and feel at the same time. Which helped when I started picking up freelance gigs putting ebooks together - I understood how books are designed, and could switch gears to do it with css instead of InDesign (and now do it in InDesign.)
A good solid designer who can handle the boring stuff well, still create good, accurate forms and documents and such is a good foundation to build from. Sure, logos are fun, but when I see someone who claimes to be a designer using the spacebar to move text, and not tab stops, I kind of die inside a little.
The big book publishers don't hire off the street anymore, they hire from agents. Not agencies, artist agents. See:


Smaller publishing house might hire you, if you submit a portfolio - you'd need to contact them and ask how. Be warned, it's low pay, you very rarely get more than a week to go from concept to finished work, and they will not "find" you online. Most cover artists do it as a side gig these days for extra cash.

Mocking up a book cover is pointless. You need to show that you understand book sizing, how covers are handled (like wide spreads that cover the front, spind, and back, with addition for the folds on hardcover), they hardly ever buy work already done, anyway. You need to show you have the creativity, the skills, and the ability to get a cover done on time. Book publishers don't have time to wait for your autism. So, make a couple of portfolio examples of your art in different sizes, like hardcover and paperback, etc. Being flexible is key.

Maybe find a small ebook press that would be willing to publish a cover, just to get you a credit. Beyond that...good luck. They're not looking for you - you have to find them, and find how to get their attention.
None of them are looking on those platforms for artists. The big houses won't even talk to you, you need an agent.
Nobody is looking for you. You have to find them, and get their attention, and social media isn't it.
File: inline.png (18 KB, 612x787)
18 KB
I spent a bit of time in MS paint making this. I have Krita as well but I haven't learned how to use it properly yet. My question is do these photoshop programs have a way to smooth out the jaggies and make them round? I think its called anti-aliasing.
bit of a technical question and less of a design question.

i am working in photoshop CS6, i have a whole bunch of image layers and 2 adjustment layers (exposure and contrast) that i have sitting on top of everything.

i want to export the whole thing as a PDF with each layer as a page with the exposure and contrast adjustments baked into each layer.

how would i do this?
Yes. But if you want ultimate smoothness, you'll want to take a look at going vector (e.g. Illustrator)
File: 6545.png (683 KB, 1185x790)
683 KB
683 KB PNG
I have a normal map texture in Photoshop that I am trying to export as .DDS with DXT5 using the NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter plugin found here:
But the option doesn't show for DXT5 at all, how can I get DXT5 as an option for it? Also tried the Intel plugin as well but still does not give me the option for it.
hey guys, how do i color switch the palette of a camouflage pattern? is there a way to pick all of a color range and switch that?
yes you can select by color.
select > color range (or sumin)

but depending on your project that might actually be a difficult route to take.

other possibilities (if your input allows for it) would be gradient maps with multiple color steps, color fill layers set to color blend mode and masked by using 'blend if' in the layer properties and of course the good'ol hue/saturation slider (which will likely look like shit).
of course it could also be a combination of all of these.

I personally avoid rasterized alpha masks at all costs and try using procedual masking like blend if whenever possible.
What the fuck do you guys use? Im still using CS6 but after they put everything behind jewsih abo scheme i never moved on
why are you asking?
paypig here. using cc rn.
How can I create this layered half tone gradient? Been trying for an hour in photoshop, I'm lost.
File: normal.png (277 KB, 1116x622)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
I'm trying to make a logo for my videogame.
Any suggestions? More specifically, any idea how to remove the transparency on the halo so it keeps the same brightness regardless of the background color?
File: wrong.png (273 KB, 1116x622)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
P.S.: this is what I mean: when the background changes it becomes darker. How do I prevent this?
do you mean the 'shadow'? do you have the original work file or is the flat image all you have?
I'm just practicing some basics and trying to get the hang of some tools by tracing letters.

Ive traced this using shapes but need to flatten the corner of the rectangle so it aligns with the image underneath, is this possible without converting the shape to an object and cutting the edge off completely?
If you're going to pirate, get CC, it has a lot of new features. If you (or spouse or parents will be paying) just stick to CS6 to learn the basics. If anything it'll make you a better designer because you'll be learning how to do things manually instead of relying on automation and AI.

If it's an in person course I'd consider it, mainly because you'll meet people and can share ideas, bounce off each other, get more inspiration etc. If its an online course don't bother unless its a 20 bucks Udemy one or free.

You can be really skilled with design software and still be a shit designer, no one can teach you art. Find things you like and that inspire you and learn to recreate them. You'll start to learn how they're put together and why they work and develop your own style.
Photoshop CC btw.
Ctrl Alt Shift E (Windows) or Command Option Shift E, it merges all active layers into a new layer without destroying the active layers. Or hold Alt/Option while selecting "merge layers" in the palette dialog. I use it all the time. Really handy when doing comps.
Layer mask over the blue square, then a color modifyer layer that only effects the blue square.
This is Photoshop 101. Go watch some youtube channels on layer masking.
You can definitely still pirate it.

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