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Hello /gd/ I was wondering if you could assist me or give me some advice on how to do video edits like the ones in this video


I’m aware that I can just learn how to edit from YouTube videos and I intend to do that, but I’m a total beginner when it comes to editing so I was wondering how you can get those kinds of edits like the ferry and the sounds effects and stuff. Is it done in after effects or like do I need assets and if I need assets where would I get ones like in the video?
Any advice on how to do the edits is helpful
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assuming ur not memeing, heres some advice from a guy who did video editing and motion graphics professionally for 3 b4 quitting cause its not worth it (me)
>use after After Effects, ive seen to many retards try to use Premiere to do that kind of editing
>make a storyboard of what you want to do, make a moodboard of sorts with the type of style your going for
>get libraries of effects from shit you like, a lot of le funny meme effects already exist out there. Look for the MAD and Gachi community they usually have links to all sorts of good shit.
>whatever isn't pre-made, do one thing at a time, do not jump from thing to thing, leaving it halfway done. "ill finish it later"
There are tutorials for literally anything you would want to make in after effects. Legend says that you can do just about anything with the program as long as you have enough time to throw at it.

Frank's style is not that complicated, its mostly trow a load of shit on screen all the time. Lots of greenscreens of vidya and meme references
Realistically even as a beginner in after effects you could probably crank this out in like 2 weeks.
hope that helps
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>Look for the MAD and Gachi community they usually have links to all sorts of good shit.

And where would one find these communities exactly?
>Let’s see Paul Allen’s rural agricultural supply shop...
I would recommend da vincii resolve bcs it has great masking effects, also has big new tab named fusion which takes editing into the next level (also 3D) and color griding

you better still be checking this thread you motherfucker because im throwing you a bone here

Dude. Strange coincidence. I recently found Sam Hyde's graphic cuts from his videos. He's buddies with Frank. Specifically, this one:

I asked a question about this in the current sqtddot. Insane editing on these vids and am also looking for resources. Good luck bro.
why is it not worth it anon?
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i am not op and i have stolen your link for my own use
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konzept.globe on ig makes them
i made a wallpaper for my new phone based on a recent clip he posted
his motion graphics is what i aspire to make but im scares of copying his style too much since anything i make is bound to be a pale imitation
for some reason im not suprised this thread is still up, but in case you still here.
Working in graphic design or motion graphics is a uphill battle until you get enough experience and portfolio to get a job that treats you half way like a human being. Its a overly competitive industry where the end product is quickly discarded and forgotten for the sake of making a quick buck, more than in any other area of art.
Due to the nature of the industry, everyone is looking to fuck you over, taking credit for shit, not crediting you, not paying you, swiping your gig, bad mouthing you, suck off who ever they need to make it etc. You will find alot of people like that in this field, that and people who are utterly defeated as artists, with no trace of the fire and passion they once had, most being people that had to compromise since, granted it is the easiest way to get into the art industry, since getting into stuff like concept, games, illustration etc is much much harder...
You will be exploited by your employers at ever corner.
im sure i could continue but my break is over anon... see ya next month
Do people actually find a video like that funny? It’s just some fat retard harassing people.
>>This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.
Can someone explain to me how people do map painting videos using premier?
maybe this will be helpful. i watched the video a while ago so can't remember the info, but the gist is making maps and animating them. maybe it isn't detailed enough. he uses some plugins, one is free i think.
it should be useful anyway.

can somebody pls tell me what this effect is called and how can I make this in after effects?
This is made using a phone video editing app called Capcut, pretty popular around zoomers and tik tokers, can probably be recreated better tho
What was the video? Account is dead now
>taking credit for shit, not crediting you, not paying you
can you copyright strike or apply a lien against people or institutions that do this?
nope, not really
Can something like this video be made using da vincii resolve?

(warning loud noises)

If not does anyone know the software they could have used?
Fawful, the original creator of that video used Vegas Pro.
You could do this with more finesse in AE using a custom-made z-depth map as displacement
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>Post video with copyrighted music
>Video restricted worldwide
>Look up that same song on youtube
>Multiple videos with the same song at full lenght available
What do they have against me?

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