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How much do graphic designers actually contribute to society?
>People look at screens all day

Their importance grows the more society is digitally focused, the more entrepreneurs start businesses, and the more content people put out.
Nothing. Designers only contribute to the shareholders’ annual paycheck. You only sell things visually.
We need a Bauhaus style purge.
who cares
I can't give you a clear answer, but the more digital media is consumed, the more digital graphics are needed for business to grow, not always is required, but it is more often than not that business need at least one graphic designer. Design does not need to be pretty, sometimes is enough when it conveys a message using graphic elements. But the ones that have functional design and be "pretty" can create a better first impression towards clients, just like a well designed, clean building can do in physicality. But at the same time, sometimes it doesn't, since everyone's doing the same, so it's more like a bet.
they are a net drag on society. too cowardly to draw that yiff vore reimaginging of the snorks they always wanted to do, they seethe their way through their job turning out thousands of pieces of drek
its called having a job, fag
Care to define any of those loaded terms?
These days...not that much

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