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Flat design is on the way out.

What program do I need to make pic rel? Blender? How long would it take to make for someone proficient in PS/Illus?
That’s not design, that’s just cg art.

Download blender, run a cloth sim over a free humanoid model, make some geometric shapes with an emission shader, and the ground is probably some generative displacement map with random shit thrown on top. Then add some volumetrics.

Photoshop for color correction and compositing.
lol you forgot the part about blender being annoying and impossible
File: 1631660705687.gif (156 KB, 500x355)
156 KB
156 KB GIF
Then use Maya or C4D or whatever the fuck you want he's still right and the same principle applies
have fun trying to do it in photoshop or illustrator. you can learn blender in a week just like any other 3d suite.
Blender got fucking easy and amazing you plebean
>Flat design is on the way out.
>posts the lamest 2010s 3d design ever
File: keyboard2-edit.png (4.21 MB, 2400x2400)
4.21 MB
4.21 MB PNG
This is the most 2013 shit ever, what are you talking about
I learned blender in less than a week and produced this. It's not impossible, you just need understanding of how the program works.

I lost interest though
That literally looks like it'd take 10 minutes to make. Just a series of extruded rectangles and a few extruded circles.

I'm OP and haven't even downloaded Blender yet.

Cope, 3Dlet.
>This would take 10
Can you fucking read a conversation?
You’re right OP, all you need is photoshop and illustrator. Try using the glow effect under the effects panel, it’sa neat trick that should get you most of the way.
Lmao, the skillslet is triggered. You never mentioned how long it took you, but it looks like it took less than 10 minutes.

If it took you longer than that, which judging by your anger it did, you should quit all type of design altogether.
Please, no one listen to this idiot kid. Something will take you "10 minutes" if you have background knowledge of the program. For someone who is just learning the software and terminology, however, there is a deeper learning curve. 3D design is especially tedious to the uninitiated, and programs like blender as unique - adding even more to the curve.

That being said, the glow on the triangle shape thing in OP's post relatively easy to dial in on blender. The shape can be too if you learn about extrusions and loop cuts. Also, learning the keyboard shortcuts help a ton.
>Waaah waaaah I don't suck d-d-don't listen to him!
Kys faggot.
You're the one screaming in an otherwise calm thread.
>unironically using 4chan speak
No one talks like this. Are you like this in person?

But if you're gonna talk about skill then by all means, let's see it. Sounds like really wanted someone to ask anyways lol.
>>unironically using 4chan speak
Do you know where you are, anon?
Are you trying to tell me that you don't feel the slightest cringe in talking like that?
>using 4chan speak on 4chan? ya dun goof'd kiddo
you're a riot, my man
Oh fuck off
>le maymay website xD
Lmao this guy thinks 4chan, of all places, is some super serious website to be taken seriously.

Someone already said this, but kys, unironically.

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