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File: IMG_20211125_112942_890.jpg (254 KB, 907x1280)
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How can one recreate this kind of grainy and withered out texture?
Use a grainy and withered texture, check creativemarket or adobestock
The “noise” tool is generally pretty good. Copy the entire canvas once you’re done and go very very light on the tool (3-7 percent depending on the sharpness and contrast of your initial composition). Make it additive if possible which will make the grains seem a bit deeper.

You can do it layer by layer but then it won’t be consistent unless you match all the percentages and I’ve never really noticed a problem with planes and lines becoming any more or less visible.

All this being said this looks like an old woodcut then digitized with poor compression before being “cleaned” up rather than an intentional finish.
I see your issue here Brat

So the easiest way is to just lower the quality of whatever you're adding to the image.
Typically this is done by adding aliasing, adding grain, of if worst comes to worst using a feather blur.

Another way is to synthesize the images, by applying a chang to both the new and old material which covers up that the ywere originally different.
For instance running an autotrace over both

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