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Do they Use this Buggy piece of shit to teach Students in schools Like really this fucking company is making bank But You have to rely on Plug ins & templates to get the most Basic Shit

FUCK ABODE & ALL YOU WHO GIVE THEM MONEY do they release a bugggy shitty version for people to piraite
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So coming from a motion graphics perspective/animation perspective (not general VFX, 3D, etc.), After Effects is the best option out there. It's not the cheapest option, but honestly, a torrented version of CS6 probably would run great on most computers today.

>Plug ins & templates to get the most Basic Shit
You don't have to do that though, that's just the easiest, quickest way to whip out something that looks good. For something like motion graphics, it's still the preferred option.

Sometimes maybe, but on a decent computer (I can still use a 2014 Macbook Pro), most After Effects work is fine.

If you're only after "professional" looking results in a short time frame, and don't care about fine-tuned controls, there are possible other options out there, but I'm not really familiar with them. As far as Adobe products go, After Effects is the one with the least competitors (compared to Photoshop, Premiere, Indesign, etc.) - especially for motion graphics.
Whats the alternative anon?
Actually no, I studied film and TV and they taught us fucking Avid,
That makes more sense for that field
>they taught us fucking Avid
Avid is an alternative to Premiere, and as far as non-linear editors go, there's a ton of options:
>Final Cut
>Davinci Resolve
>Sony Vegas (lol)
After Effects isn't good for that stuff

After Effects does a ton, and there are not as many competitors. For motion graphics:
>After Effects
>Photoshop (tedious, but possible, and still Adobe)
>Pencil 2D (basically animation software)
>Animate (Adobe again)
>Apple Motion (apparently integrates well with Final Cut, never used it though)
>Toon Boom (also never used it, but it's used to animated shows, so not really "typography"/"branding" type motion graphics)
A lot of good motion graphics software is catered towards 2D animation, but unless you're really proficient with hand-drawn animation, you're kinda stuck with Adobe products since there's so much supporting plugins, templates, and workflows already out there.

There's software that just focuses on 3D rendering and animation that's pretty common:
>Cinema 4D (seamlessly integrates with AE)
>Unreal Engine (uncommon for video, but I've seen it)
>Element 3D (I think it's mostly a plugin for AE)

You also have advanced, expensive software:
>Nuke (advanced compositing, theoretically it has better results than AE, but it's basically the only serious alternative)
>Houdini (does 3D & simulations well)
These options are found a lot in professional studios, but it's usually overkill for indie projects, and they only do part of what AE does (even if it's "better," getting deep into these usually means you have a goal in being a part of a larger team)

As a "catch-all" VFX product, After Effects is pretty much Adobe's strongest offering, arguably just as much as Photoshop (since PS has better competitors in that same space, even if PS is more of the industry standard). Unless you're looking to conform to the workflow of a team, just choose whatever software you like and allows you to make what you want.

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