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File: images (9).jpg (79 KB, 554x553)
79 KB
how do you

how do you fucking draw like this man
just looking so precise
like realistic and fucking alive and shit, completely in perspective holy shit

the outline is place so fine and even feeling parabolic and stuff

what the fuck do you do to achieve this fuck
You need to be capable of changing your own oil first
Look up Scott Robertson. That’ll help get you started on all the basics.
i have
i also have read it.. anything more advanced than that?
This is something that takes weeks to be done, probably with the help of lots of underdrawings, you need lots and lots of patience.
how about understanding.

also the original artist said "freehand sketching" so no rulers. which means he can measure by eye. or mind. how the hell
you really cant understand how this is done?
man i'll be real with you im only 18 and i can make this shit. infact i just finished a piece with much more detail (city scap artwork) not to long ago. i can tell you this for some advice. break down what you see into simple shapes and build up from there get the main parts and then visualize what's in front of what then draw that. if its a real drafting image then use isometric views to help you visualize the space its taking up. in all reality if its just a sketch you want not a realistic as in everything is accurate to reality then just add small detals that seem to do things and go places. if you dont work on cars you wouldnt know doing that can add a shit ton of detail fast. but above all paitents is key. that city scape i mentioned took me upwards of 6 months of on and off work and im dam proud of the son of a bitch.

apologize if this is hard to read or doesn't make a whole lotta sense im rather tired from my college courses and its late.

TLDR; simplify your shaps. big shaps first, add what's in front of what, add useless details to fill in space, and be paitent.
out of curiousity, are you studying industrial/product design? I've been there too

I'll just say practice (specifically 3-point) perspective. Once you get used to it, it becomes pretty natural and you won't have to draw horizon lines and boxes all the time. stay a little bit loose, don't tunnel vision on to details. As good as that render looks, if you zoom in, there's imperfections and mistakes everywhere. focus on the big picture. learn how to render different materials and give your sketches some room to breathe.

Also, i strongly believe that learning CAD or 3D software will help you understand how to make sketches like this greatly. If you're working digitally, you can even rough out a quick model and use that as an underlay, then add all the pretty details and rendering in the illustration. If you don't want to learn 3D/CAD, you could also try making prototypes by hand using foam board, cardboard, or whatever, taking photos, and using that as an underlay.
an archie student could knock out a cityscape in a long night

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