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File: Capture.png (281 KB, 3445x1814)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
My platform is snipcritics.com. It is an art review platform that puts critiques inside the artwork for more precise criticism.
The route I am currently taking (route 1):
>the platform is anonymous
>everyone can post as much as they want
>everyone can review as much as they want
>all art in 1 screen to remove the feeling of isolation that might occur in a new platform

route 2:
>users will need accounts
>only can post once before needing to give 3 critiques
>voting system to ensure quality of reviews (5 star system, 5 is perfectly helps the user acheive their goal, 1 is sabotages the goal of the user)

I'm gambling with this project essentially. Please I'll accept any help. I'm desperate. I worked for months on this with close to no money. I believe in this project, but I'm a newbie with close to no experience. I want to help artists improve their work by giving a great tool.

Thanks in advance to anyone who might be generous enough choose to help out.
The thing is these days a site like this is normally (and is already) functioning as a subreddit.
People use less and less different sites on the internet these days, I cannot imagine it being easy for something like this to gain traction.
I see your point but it's clearly a structure that doesn't exist anywhere else. There's no forum in this one, only reviewing.
what have you done in those months you worked on it? just worked on overall idea and a mockup? will you program it yourself? if you plan on hiring external developers, you need a much more precise design document.
This is very simple and neat, like it should be. May be useful for /ic/ smut artists looking for critique and to gain visibility.

Stylesheet is a bit all over the place currently.

For route 1 add a captcha like one 4chang uses.
>users will need accounts
i would say that you want users to have accounts because then it allows people to interact, know who is saying what and also gain some sort of reputation. while namefagging is considered bad on 4chan, forums usually have members who have level of gravitas and respect due to their post history. this could well be beneficial to your platform to have some elder or experienced users gain a level of recognition on the site. this could well be the death of the site though in some cases, who knows, it could easily go wrong.
you also don't want anon critiques because it allows abuse and salty people to just disparage everything: you need a way to know who posted what so that you can remove all posts/critiques by a user if and when you want to. this is simple if people have accounts. it also gives users the chance to dismiss feedback from users they don't like, which may or may not be a good thing.
That's exactly where I went, they interacted then left. Obviously it's hard to convince people to stay on an empty social platform. I think it could be used much more than ic because of the more modern design, ease of use and preciseness. Of course the last part is only theory that could differ from reality.
Also, what do you mean by "stylesheet is all over the place"? I'm honestly asking since I'm not the designer
I programmed it and yes, I need to fix up the css design patterns. I've never worked for a company so I'm not familiar with the best practices admittedly
Thanks for the opinion, I agree with it, but eventually what matters is the majority of the potential customers if they exist. I'll already work on the accounts and if I'm wrong, I'll just have wasted some hours. I'll need a design update for accounts though.
you have 2 dropdowns but would buttons for each option be better?
all the borders and padding are off.
in the OP pic, look how the 'need a redline" and 'display critiques' are not aligned. either they should have the same distance from the top of the box, or because the left text is multiline, the right text should be centred in whatever the left text box takes up.

look at the bottom icons in the box, the border on the left does not line up with the main image box, the 'give general review' box is too far from the right hand side. the margin or padding below these buttons is too small compared above the buttons and compared to the text boxes at the top.

in the header, the search bar is too big and too on the left hand side. it should be a part of the join server and upload buttons and 1/3 of the size it is.

all those design things are basic points which you should have made in the wireframe mockup. i visited the site and you have coded all these things in which is fair enough to get something on the screen but then it needs refinement in the code to make all the border and padding etc consistent. it is a React app, so are you using bootstrap or material-ui or another UI framework?
thanks for the critique, I'll fix those ASAP. I'm using react and bootstrap.

The only thing I disagree with is the buttons instead of dropdown idea. If I ditch the dropdown, it'll take much more space and future options wouldn't, heck not sure they'd all fit.

Yo I love this project and want to help. I'm a Graphic designer, Illustrator and Programmer. My instagram is @afaysalk if you want reach out. I'd love to hear more from you !
The problem you're going to have straight away is with intellectual property.
Nobody posts work they are the progress of making for paying clients, the risk of plagiarism is simply too high until the piece is published.
File: a.jpg (17 KB, 1125x114)
17 KB
Here you might want to center the text and icons, rather than having them sit by the bottom.
The "view full art" font right in the center should probably match the other fonts, looks like you just left it as default
File: a.jpg (24 KB, 515x515)
24 KB
If "general reviews" is selected but there are no reviews, you get the original image- it's confusing.
Better to have "there are no reviews yet, would you like to leave one" prompt.

It's not immediately apparent what "general reviews" actually means- you might want to make this the main review button and delete the redundent one.

Also you should implement a global wordfilter to stop people leaving obscene remarks in the review bar
You probably should have got CAPTCHA for the comments, otherwise your site will get rekt overnight by the "niggers tongue my anus" robot that DDOS's you
File: a.jpg (7 KB, 281x173)
7 KB
I've got default fonts again in the dropdown
File: a.jpg (39 KB, 1098x442)
39 KB
I would recommend turning the critiques off by default as you scroll down, and perhaps again implement Captcha to stop the entirely forseeable swastika griefing
This gives rise to again the entirely foreseeable issue of duplicate comments, the lack of cool-down, the lack of captcha.
File: a.jpg (19 KB, 471x582)
19 KB
Forgot image.
Also it's entirely foreseeable that griefers will make consecutive comments to spell out "walk the dinosaur" in the comments
File: 1630953365389.gif (6 KB, 329x302)
6 KB
There is no delay in posted images going live, typically you would send the images live to only admin or only to whitelisted users first.

The problem you will have is that nasty people will send each other nasty images and screen cap them before you delete them.
I censored this nasty image, but I didn't have to.

Also you MUST stop users publishing code, otherwise they will post "delete system 32" scripts and encourage retards to run said scripts.
In fact they may start using your platform to send each other encrypted messages and QR codes.
I just tested it and there's nothing to stop users uploading QR codes with malicious links.
File: a.jpg (31 KB, 917x418)
31 KB
There is also no IP tag, so the people who upload images can samefag replies
I can also bust into the discord without even really trying, and I could automate this attack in about 2.5 minutes
To stop this, I would set the discord channel on a rotating basis so it's not a static link a shitty pastebin tier bot could attack.
>I need harsh criticism
OK I'm done.
>everybody walk the dinosaur
Fuck me. Haven't heard that meme in like 13 years.
Just do what onlyfans do when it comes to downloading pictures and movies.
put the fucking eye in the fucking middle you fuck GROSS
that design looks cheap and unprofessional, i would avoid this site
Thanks for the offer, but I'm already working with someone and we're making big changes while maintaining the simplicity of the design.
The format of the icon makes it hard, but I'll handle it eventually.
It won't be anonymous anymore next month, so that problem is solved
Firefox is a problem that I'm aware of. The drop-down will also get dropped so that problem is solved
Won't be a problem next month as there won't be any anonymous posting.
Yeah, anonymity can backfire, so I'm pivoting from that.
Yeah, will be solved soon
It's centered.
Please be more specific thanks

I'm shocked people are still replying to this thread. I really appreciate it though.
you are centered on empty space
>horrible typeface
>horrible logo
>horrible colours
>improper spacing
>awkward huge elements
>no distinction between elements, visual homogenous mess
>no sense of intuition
Could you be more specific?
>Honestly, i think it's good
>Logo ain't the best, but it'll do for now. I can always redo it later
>Already fixed for next version
>Could specify what's improperly spaced?
>Only way to see interest for now. It'll be removed.
>Isn't that a good thing? Could you provide examples at least?
>What's indistinguishable?
>What does that mean?
i forgot
>poor utilisation

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