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What are you working on ?

Previous thread https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/gd/thread/398765/
there's usually an wdg general at /g/, no one is going to post serious work on here
It is too much focused on back-end, hence the "web-dev" name. We are focused on design here.
the chick who wrote this article or a random simp was shilling her patreon here, but this is interesting / autism tier:
pic - what i think about trying to use css in this manner though
nah it's just coders, we're concerned about a e s t h e t i c s - not sure if you've been here before?
what's her patreon?
how do I get good at web design? I've read Refactoring UI, I"ve looked at thousands of shots on dribbble and have make a few mockups in figma... but nothing comes together. Everything falls apart, looks ugly, or has glaring oversights like usability or missing functionality. And if anything does seem to look decent, it's impossible to create... even simple page transitions are difficult for me to implement

are there better resources? Should I just quit design and use bare html and JS for functionality?
here's how 2 do totally original and good modern web design
- open pirated microsoft office onenote 2016 and web browser
- in web browser open some existing website
- scroll to section part you like / your think your project needs
- in win-shift-s to capture that section in onenote
- repeat previous 3 steps ~30 times
- in onenote stack together some of those screen clippings to form the desired layout
- open pirated adobe xd and using stolen stock photos, google fonts, fontawesome ttf/svgs and some popular ui widget pack recreate said layout
>are there better resources? Should I just quit design and use bare html and JS for functionality?
File: 53158[1].gif (25 KB, 350x19)
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that presidential user bar
G-guys i was about to do the same. I mean by now i made only like 3 landing pages and i didnt even do mockups. I dont think i will have problems with things looking ugly but dunno what do. I was thinking ill just make 2 more designs and start applying.
Want some advice on the general design of this website I made: obituary.ml
You need screenshots of the product and testimonials. You also need decorative images and need to vary the font. Something like this would be phenomenal.

Also, I would clean up your index.html file. I shouldn't see "web site created with create-react-app" in your head tag. This is important when someone links your website using something like discord or slack, which then uses the description in their widget.

Good job implementing image preview! You should consider using https://docs.slatejs.org/ for rich text, and perhaps you could implement a multi step form instead of having all of your text fields up front. Something like this
anything that would make the process a little easier.

Having multiple images per obituary would be nice too. It would turn it into a one page blog and allow people to make a storyboard of someone's life. Imagine uploading baby photos, wedding images, holiday pictures, family pictures, etc but spaced out and with text above and below it. This is why I linked slatejs earlier, it lets you do rich text editing like that.
you don't need 3 lines for your mission statement, just create a box with your mission statement clearly stated and people will know what it is.
>Our goal is to let people host obituaries without having to worry about the cost
use WE instead of our goal. use YOU instead of people. focus on the benefit instead of the issue (the cost).
maybe something like
>helping you host an obituary for your loved ones, forever and for free.
(if you even need the free part, idk?)

this website wednesday thing might help you focus your idea:
(he is trying to sell his book, storybrand, but you can find the book for free and you only really need a summary of it if you find it interesting.) the website tips are useful if you watch that playlist of his website wednesday videos.

for example, he'd say for this
>100% Free, No Account Required Lifetime Hosting
put them into 3 boxes, separate because they focus on a point of resistance which a user may have. lifetime hosting might not be the best phrase either, because the person is dead.
>forever hosted online
>no signup required
>no cost involved
in 3 card elements

for the how does it work, have some images or diagrams which show it, again ideally 3.
>image of form
>image of a hosted obit

just my 2cents having had a quick look at your site. also some pics of people.
>for the how does it work, have some images or diagrams which show it, again ideally 3.
just thought, step 2 could be the image upload (labelled as optional incase they have resistance to a photo).
>How it works
>Step 1: write obit
>Step 2: upload picture of loved one
>Step 3: we publish it online at [site]
with pictures of an example of each step.
Isn't cool how realistic you can make things with CSS?

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