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Does anyone have experience making fonts for Japanese/Chinese? Do you have to make literally thousands of kanji or are there better ways to go about it?
chinese and japanese characters are made out of smaller elements (radicals)
you just create those radicals and all the ways they may be positioned, then collapse them into characters, just like you'd do for all the characters with idk, diaeresis or accents
youll have to do some manual touching up though of course, as there are tons of characters that don't stick exactly to rules etc
it's obviously a billion times more work than just a font that does ascii lol, but you dont have to shape every character by hand
also, many fonts only model the kanji that are actually used (that is, the kanji that are listed in a few standard lists and that people actually get taught), so many jp fonts wont support behemoth characters like my waifu's name 篝
Short answer - yes, but you can use radicals like anon said
Long answer - programmatically generated fonts aren't new but everybody forgot about them. Look up Donald Knuth's MetaFont, then look up the Tsukurimashou Project
There's already some Basic Multilingual Plane fonts (BMP) that cover most characters but even those aren't complete but you can freely edit existing ones just make sure to read the rights.
They also look shitty on low DPI, you'd need base the font to be made out of bitmap and there's also problems like X government party removes certain characters because it is offensive or something.
Your waifu is soup
yeah theres a ramen store with that name, too
wanna go there one day just for the funny
Readability is the main goal with computer fonts since the newer devices are smartphones, fancy detail gets muddy when scaled down. That the rule for all scripts in general thou.

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