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File: Coomer9.jpg (239 KB, 1024x763)
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239 KB JPG
Should I buy a Samsung A72 guys? Need a new telephonic communications device, my Pixel is dying.
fuck off
No you fuck off you miserable cunt rag, sorry for discussing tech on tech board
You too dipshit, you can't add anything of value on your own do you just piggy back on that other fool. You will never do anything of value and you will be forgotten before you're dead.
>sorry for discussing tech on tech board
you're to stupid to be bait
I don't know what this means
Fucking boomer narc get the fuck outa here, you either old as phuck or an underage prick using the word telephonic communication device go suck regans dick you fucking hipster toddler, how the fuck you want a personal answer like that should i buy a shitsung you only gona get a yes or a no don't waste fucking bandwidth and waste a thread and make me read this stupid try hard simp grammar, for a question you should google your self to compare spec to price for personal needs, which you dont even provide the information for you insufferable inbred motherfucker use snail mail you cocksucker you ain't got no one to call

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