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Hey y'all, just need a little bit of help. Does anyone knows how to get the full version of this particular mockup freely? Cause i really need this mockup for a project i'm working on and it'd be a really great help if anyone of u guys knows how to get it.
pay 14$, champ
>i really need this mockup for a project i'm working on
>i'm working on

Buy it. Also, you need to add "resources fee" on your budget, so you can have a money reserved just for buying mockups, images, etc whenever needed without thinking twice. If you spent 30m searching for a pirated version of it, you already overblown $14 worth of your time
I'm sure tacking fees onto a bottom of the barrel Fiver job will go over real well, lol.

Or, you know, learning to make that kind of thing yourself.
Not OP but any good tutorials on how to creat mockups from scratch?

In before "we ran out of scratch in 70s"
If it is so bottom of the barrel, don't use it. And wasting precious time on looking for pretty paid mockups on bottom of the barrel jobs is even more stupid.
You need a nice picture or 3d render and an understanding about smart objects and lightning/textures/etc.

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