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You still use grids and vanishing points, right?
Yes 3D programs make perspective drawing.
But because if you draw just one pic, every object under an certain complexity is faster drawn in 2 d programs.
If you have like 3-4 times the blocks you have I would draw it with vanishing points 2D. If its more i probably would use 3D.
grids - depends on what you mean
vanishig points - that also depends on what you mean

i can draw what shit looks like, so 'technically' there is a vanishing point in there, but do i much up some crutch to tell me what i already know? no.
whats the name of this effect when you're close to a tall building and it looks like this when you're looking up? This is present in GTA 4 for example.
eye lens effect?

meaning do you still use physical grids when drawing whatever even when you are skilled enough
i use a proportional system in conjunction with functional requirements for graphic layouts, so in that sense its not really a grid "" , but yes i almost always do layout work with a system.

ive never ever drawn (like from life) with any type of grid - but you always have some sense of measuring relationships between objects and spaces and in a sense these generate their own system of modules
Guess all these are not connected to x y z in anyway?
not really, no
Perspectivity distortion.
Usually things distorting into just two vanishing points, but in big scale, the third is visible.
t.architecht who had to learn this
all parallel lines converge at a vanishing point, as a geometric result of an eye point like a single point in space. things like x y z are only possible because we line shit up and/build vertically.
otherwise we have,a b c d e f g h . .. . . x y z a1 b1 etc.
perspective is the world as we know it, not a distortion
>other wise we have a b c d....
What are you talking about, 3 dimensions is all we need to describe space in a locally meaningful way.
true, but "xyz" doesnt really have anything to do with perspective
FWiW - working on some visualizations, 2d based on photos given, and yes, i set up a 2 point system for drawing - working in autocad
wouldnt do if hand drawing 9wouldnt set up the system - but of course would use perspective)

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