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Where do you all go to when looking for design reference? Not talking about the usual lame Google/Pinterest search, like actual dedicated Poster design archives.

Here's a few that i always head to:

https://damngoodposter.tumblr.com/ (Various)

http://www.ravepreservationproject.com/ (Rave Flyers)

https://www.filmonpaper.com/ (Limited Film Posters)
http://borosix.co.uk/home/home_page.html (More Rave/DnB Flyers, use left menu to find the flyers)
Flickr. There are nice groups people make which they upload quality stuff. I usually go there for movie posters.
>Google/Pinterest search
Neither of these have been good in years. I used Pinterest in the past for mood boards but with the amount of advertising it has now, it's become counter-productive.
Recently discovered are.na and Designspiration which are ad free but these don't get a lot of traffic. Everyone's slow to adopt alt-tech.

Not strictly dedicated to posters -- includes stationery, album covers, flyers etc.
CalArts have a kickin' poster archive https://posters.calarts.edu/
http://www.impawards.com/ has a HUGE amount, you have to dig a bit to get past the crap generic film posters though
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so good
The best thing you can do is go to an urban area around you or a city and walk around and look at the walls for posters, stickers, etc. Take notes no matter how subtle and look for tags/ handles associated with them. Typically the artist will have additional work on their handles and sometimes looking at their followers you'll find additional work by other artists that inspired them or are a part of the same circles.
So do these guys:


Wolfgang's have a ton, too.


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