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File: 973.jpg (65 KB, 1015x1024)
65 KB
From what I can tell it extrudes parts of the image into 3D, where the amount of extrusion depends on its colour (or maybe brightness). Would anyone know how this is done? Or at least which software can be used (photoshop? blender?). I wasn't able to find any tutorials
File: 781.png (290 KB, 500x498)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
More examples (Excuse the fact that it's meme images). Between 1:16 and 1:28 in this video:

i know for a fact that its achievable in any program supporting displacement, max maya substance designer z brush, maybe even photoshop
There's a website that lets you do it, couldn't find it now. That's how people do those memes.
The effect itself is, like you said, just a function which maps a pixel's luminosity to a height value in this slightly inclined 3D space in order to give it depth. If you know Blender, you can totally recreate it yourself in a minute with a node or a brief script.
These were almost certainly made in GlitchLab. Surprisingly good for a mobile app.
Ive used this before in an Apple developer program named Quartz Composer.

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