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So is it actually a viable PS replacement or no?
Yes unless you want to sell PSD mockups, since AP doesn't export PS smart objects. Also, I wouldn't use it if you rely on PS plugins, AP has plugin compatibility; I just don't know to what extent.

t. switched from PS to AP 3 years ago, my clients haven't noticed at all.
depends on what you are doing.
photoshopping dicks inot celebs mouths, it's fine.
sending psd files to jewish ad mans in NYC, not so much.

christ. it's $25 on sale. there is no reason not to learn it.
their illustrator is about as good, albeit a bit more finnicky to use imo, but i've had it for 2 years and haven't paid a dime since purchase.
is there anything that shows what the default key shortcut changed to? I have a load of muscle memory of PS and I couldn't figure out how to quickly warp something from the corners with transform -> alt clicking like in PS
changed from what? Photoshop? I don't know, I guess you best bet is to look for a shortcut cheatsheet; though I think most of the simple tools are the same.
yeah PS
I guess I'll look for a shortcut cheatsheet, though I got so used to the shortcuts I don't actually know what half the actions are called now.
You can download these as PDFs on Affinity’s website. I believe you can also customise the shortcuts yourself but at a quick glance at Designer, it seems most are the same as Illustrator.
Does publisher seem the most different? ID was actually the one I used the most when I was working in the industry.
Publisher is enough for my needs but you MUST be sure the printshop is ok with the pdfs you are sending them, most printers I know do little adjustments in the margins. Also, APublisher doesn't have e-publishing capabilities yet.
It's mostly alright, but there are little things that are somewhat annoying. The biggest ones for me are not being able to duplicate a layer by dragging it onto the new layer icon, not being able to move a selection by pressing the spacebar while drawing it.
There are things it actually does better than Photoshop, such as per-filter masks for live filters instead of a single mask for all filters on a Photoshop smart object layer.

However, there are some things that could be added, such as artboard support and support for file export plugins so you can export formats that aren't natively supported, such as WebP, AVIF or HEIF.
is there any way of alt clicking between layer to apply it to a layer?
just drag the layer to the layer's name you want it to get clipped to.
Do you need really compatible .PSD files?
Do you rely on Plugins?
Need Animation or the 3D-Shit?

If not go for it.
AP is currently on version 1.9 so an updated version 2 with more stuff being added is not that far away.

Also, it is actually fun to work with unlike adobe shit.
>so an updated version 2 with more stuff being added is not that far away.
But from what I understood, 2.0 will have to be bought as the "updates for free" covers 1.x according to small print I found on their page.
That's how most programs work I think, your purchase covers updates until a major new version. I imagine they will have discounted prices for those upgrading from previous versions.
So much this. Both Designer and Photo are actually fun environments to get shit done. Some aspects are a little annoying, but I'm not going back to Adobe except for AE.

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