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Hey guys,
So an artist friend of mine recently got a Huion Tablet, but unfortunately she only has a Chrome Book. All the drivers for the tablet are incompatible with her OS
does anyone have a fix for this?
Your friend did two rather stupid mistakes: buying a laptop with an exotic OS nearly nobody uses and not even checking if there were compatible drivers for her tablet. That's like buying an SD card without bother to see if your camera takes SDs or micro SDs.

Since there are probably no programmers making open drivers for that thing, and as any graphics-related product they'd probably be unstable as hell if they existed anyways - so moot point -, she can do one of these three things:
1. Simply take the tablet back and trade it in to get/buy a Wacom instead (sanest option)
2. Take the laptop back or sell it and get a normal laptop with Windows or MacOS (best option if she's not tech-savvy and it's also a recent purchase), because honestly, isn't a Chromebook just going to make your life harder if you draw? What's even supported on it?
3. Void her warranty and buy a cheap key online to install Windows on her laptop (best step if her Chromebook isn't that new)
shameless self bump
a guy already told you everything >>408524
what are you selfbumping for?
Could a Kamvas 16 (2021) run on an external batterpack?
Shouldn't've gotten a fucking chromebook
For what purpose?
because i'm a fucking retard
File: 1617728331971.png (90 KB, 309x319)
90 KB
just in case chromeos runs x11 display server and just in case it allows installing third party things and just in case this driver supports your хyиtablet

works ok on normal linux distros at least. i had to use xsetwacom in command line to inrease wacom intuos4 pen threshold so the cursor wouldnt sperg out on hovering pen over the tablet and then it was usable. but linux and a low power netbook tier laptop for graphics work either way is a waste of time.
FUCK I hate that with some windows 10 update every single month something bad happens to my UGEE driver
bloody hell I'm tired of rollbacking this shit every single time
why in the fuck would anyone ever buy a chromebook

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