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What is/are the best program(s) to make infographics and their respective elements?
>program to make graphic
Are your computer running on AmigaOS?
If not, read the fucking sticky.
I make infographics, charts and diagrams for work; almost everything needs to be custom so we just use Illustrator. Been looking for some plugins to make work easier but there doesn't seem to be much in that direction.

No idea what people commonly use to draw infographics, but I'd guess it's vector-based
You can also use Affinity Designer, it is much cheaper and doesn't have subscription. Also if you want some free vector graphic software I heard that inkscape is pretty good.
its basically open source adobe illustrator
>79% scan pages they come across
Skim, otherwise you're contradicting yourself.
You really just need a solid icon pack and vector program like illustrator (would make life easier)
Do you make them to be used for your company or you make them for clients?

I’m starting a new job in two weeks where I’m going to have to make a lot of Instructions and directions for various procedures and scenarios Any quick tips?
I work for a consulting firm; whenever we prepare extensive reports for our clients showing the data and statistics we gathered for them, I just illustrate our numbers with various charts, diagrams and infographics.

If your company has a corporate identity, stick to/work with that, other than that clear up some basic design decisions with your boss so you don't need to re-do as much work, from there build your catalog and slowly build a base of graphics you can go back to when new stuff comes up.
Thank you so much, anon!

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