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File: unknown.png (9 KB, 545x92)
9 KB
Request and share non-free typefaces and identification of typeface samples.

Previous thread >>397954

> Font identification

Before you request, do your due diligence by running your font sample through a font identifier;

whatfontis <dot> com
fontsquirrel <dot> com/matcherator (be sure to enable the myfonts setting)
myfonts <dot> com/whatthefont

If you're not getting a clear read then put your sample in PS, separate the letters and colour it to be pure black on a white background.

> Font requests

First of all, check;

vk <dot> com/board178186634
graphicex <dot> com

> Uploading

catbox <dot> moe is great for uploading small-sized zips containing fonts, especially since it doesn't expire.

If somebody helps you then pay it forward!
Requesting Sequel 100 Wide, any or all weights.

Thank you.
Requesting JDR Output and Butternick Triplicate.
File: 1585525950180.png (104 KB, 1632x1448)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
Anyone know what this font is? The G's look different, is it hand-lettered?
File: 1613483452993.png (18 KB, 1968x688)
18 KB
Erbar is similar and would match the time period, but Y's and G's look very different. Here's without overlap.
File: 1598941229159.png (28 KB, 1074x240)
28 KB
Slightly wider letters, still no dice.
File: rounded-d.jpg (63 KB, 1300x1300)
63 KB
Some anon know something like Body Text Fit/Slim family, but with a rounded lower case d like pic related?
File: ultrahighgloss_whisper.png (555 KB, 2010x1324)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
looking for ultra hi-gloss and whisper by froyo tam
Been looking for months now, but has anybody got the latest versions, from 2020 onwards, of any of these fonts:

WildWords Lower
Face Front
Mild Mannered
Out of Line Pro
requesting any of the Typelab fonts
Typelab Territory Collection

requesting anything from studio innate
File: Capture6.png (16 KB, 1043x135)
16 KB
Looking for Lander font listed in Starbucks' Design Guide, had no luck so far
Disgusting, go >>>/b/ack.
My deepest thank you sir.
Do you know if any of that font family shows up embedded on any websites?
Kindly requesting any Typotheque stuff, particularly Fedra Serif Screen or Lava.

Times new roman = think different
File: large_1.png (278 KB, 1200x1200)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
Anyone got CoFo Peshka?


With all due respect anon this is not correct. The "Think Different" font is Adobe Garamond, initially a horizontally compressed version of Garamond and later a custom tooled thin version.

Check out https://fontsinuse.com/typefaces/7708/apple-garamond and the Wikipedia page "Typography of Apple Inc."
Anyone got Renner Antiqua or updated versions of it?
Anyone got Ultra Hi-Gloss?
File: download.jpg (4 KB, 318x159)
4 KB
anyone have Benzin?

File: Titlecard-bionicwoman.jpg (90 KB, 720x540)
90 KB
op resources identified uppsala or stockholm by letterperfect for pic related, but no luck finding them. requesting either, or another font that matches this title. thanks

Renner Antiqua - https://files <dot> catbox <dot> moe/vj5evg.zip


Do your due diligence as per the Font Requests heading of the OP and you will find it.


Uppsala, Stockholm - https://files <dot> catbox <dot> moe/5h3hr5.zip
thanks very much!
Dwarven Axe font pls
File: 2--1.png.jpg (156 KB, 1200x800)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Requesting Horizon Wide from Fontense

Please, and thank you.
File: 334059.png (38 KB, 720x360)
38 KB
Requesting Skolar PE and Skolar Sans PE (full families).
oh wow thats nice, i second this
Bumping this.
File: Artboard-2@1.5x-100.jpg (621 KB, 1776x1188)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
Anyone got Kiwari Mono?

I'm looking for Motiva Sans by Plau
Can anyone suggest a font that is similar to ladylike bb, but more neutral/formal in style
Netflix Sans is better for subtitles.
Not that anon, I've been looking for Netflix Sans. By any chance, do you to have it?
File: SUWuz.png (20 KB, 466x175)
20 KB
I'm looking for a legal free serif font(s) I could use for designs or documents used at "serious" institutions, like government offices. Stuff like internal papers etc.

TL;DR Serif font to replace times new roman and keeps neutral mood.
just use montserrat/gotham
yes. The link is from Firefox send. So it will expire in the future.

https://drop <dot> chapril <dot> org/download/f69433939b651401/#AS9oUER66js3gPVckb3dEg
I am looking for Roslindale by JDR
File: sac.png (1.47 MB, 2560x1370)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Netflix Sans > Motiva Sans > Gotham > Montserrat
not them, but thanks for this
File: espiritu (1).jpg (57 KB, 999x264)
57 KB
does anyone which is this?
Nice dubs, also thanks.
no problem. hope you enjoy it
this is what I got.

https://drop <dot> chapril <dot> org/download/750a19d43b8cca06/#IS_irKxRUUXDXyJid8dk9A
Seconding this. I think the original foundry, item label, delisted these, and I haven’t checked to see where else she has them up for sale (with live previews of them as webfonts preferably)
File: Planc.png (553 KB, 1440x720)
553 KB
553 KB PNG
I am looking for Planc
File: codelia.png (184 KB, 1440x720)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
I am also looking for Codelia
bump for these
requesting masqualero font family. cheers.
read op
File: roslindale.jpg (375 KB, 2046x1762)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
Anyone got Roslindale?
File: 661696.png (35 KB, 770x280)
35 KB
Looking for DF Ga Gei w6.
I was able to get it on fontke.
https://www.fontke <dot> com/font/11470882/download/

Dwarven Axe BB - https://files <dot> catbox <dot> moe/onrgms.zip


Motiva Sans - https://files <dot> catbox <dot> moe/gd785q.zip


What's wrong with Liberation Serif as shown in your attached image? You can also check out one of the free Bembo clones.


Check the OP and do your due diligence.
>Check the OP and do your due diligence.
I did, but found older versions. I want the new one with more sub families.
Suggest doing a due diligence check per OP, that's where I found the attached weights.
This is coming later today, please bear with me.
These are now available from due diligence sources.

ok, got it

https://files <dot> catbox <dot> moe/sc91lm.zip
I already did my due diligence. The name of the font is Planc by Taner Ardali.
I got
from VK. Look again.
File: Tribute.png (85 KB, 1440x720)
85 KB
Anyone have Tribute?
Just share the font family already. I don't have or use russian services.
Damn those a dope really like the 2nd one
>vk <dot> com/board178186634
second link, 1.1mb .zip, you've got this famalam
Thank you very much, anon!
no trouble, glad they're useful
I was saying Sequel was available, not Planc, but that is too now.

Tribute - https://files <dot> catbox <dot> moe/ixy9qb.zip
Much appreciated
File: Cover.jpg (57 KB, 1000x208)
57 KB
Can anyone please identify this font for me? This is from the 70s.
I take this back, someone please upload Save the Date Serif
File: jVxmlJ7f4ng.jpg (120 KB, 1116x702)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
anyone got matter mono? it's been requested on vk, but sadly nobody answered..

displaay <dot> net/typeface/matter-mono
Looking for Trinité Titling or any collection from The Enschedé Font Foundry.
Looking for Salvo Serif Cond Black please.

Reread the OP and do your due diligence.


I uploaded the few TEFF fonts I have last thread, linked in the OP.


Salvo Sans, Serif - https://files <dot> catbox <dot> moe/ivq6m6.zip
I only have the original Matter Font Family.
I also have the Soehne Mono family. Its the closest thing you will get to Matter Mono. They are both digital interpretations of Arkidenz Grotesque.
Sure, looks nice, i'd take it if you can share..>>410011
And also the matters without the mono i'd like!

Thanks to both of you
Sure here you go:

https://drop <dot> chapril <dot> org/download/c51b45880e2beb85/#mN7qOjomqlC3yWcfEWf4ZQ

https://drop <dot> chapril <dot> org/download/fca310290cbc920a/#Duyc8lPCExmYAdVcbAgG1g

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