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As someone looking to have a logo made how much should I expect to pay for something of a similar complexity (but different thematically) to something like this? Alternatively, are there any youtube personalities that teach the theory and application well enough to give me a jump start on creating my own material in a timely manner?
I can make a logo like this for you really easily. Not bullshit amateur work either. It would be a professional, high quality logo.

I would charge you $300 for a job like this but depending on how big the company is it can be much, much higher. It can be dirty cheap too, of course. All depends on how much you care about the quality. I had to shit out 6 logo designs for a client recently and only had 3 hours to work on each set of 3, which is ludicrous. Quality logos should take weeks to conceptualize and develop, but I could do what you want in a few days probably, if that.
File: leaf peep.jpg (66 KB, 640x438)
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Thanks for the response.

That seems fairly reasonable speaking as a retail worker myself.

If I could see your portfolio that'd be great; I'd have to save up for a bit to afford that but I wouldn't be averse to the expense itself as long as you've got the ability. I'm an artist but I have zero capability with software and am not particularly optimistic my dyslexic ass is going to be able to solve this puzzle in a timely manner.

There could be more (maybe a lot more) work in it for you as well if things work out-at least provided I don't figure this thing out in the meantime ono my own (which won't be for lack of trying believe me; no one in my financial position is in a hurry to spend 300).
About $35 on Upwork, it's not a complex job. Can be done in 45minutes
$65 if you want it animated, but will need a couple of hours then
Here's my discord if you need it: https://discord.gg/PSF44F4hzx
Sorry man, I'm willing to entertain any serious counter offers, but I'm expecting a website or blog and email. I appreciate reaching out though.
If you're an artist then don't let someone else do it for you. You should be the one creating it. Draw it on paper, scan/photo, send to illustrator, use pen tool, watch short tutorials on what you don't know how to do.
It would be a very new workflow for me, many artists such as myself are specialized more in a certain discipline and /gd/ stuff isn't one of them in my case. I'm also retarded and the odds of me learning to use Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape with any efficacy or in a timely manner are low. I'd like to learn it over time but it's a big departure from character art, and from my perspective and for my project I wouldn't want to leave the result in the hands of an amateur
45 minutes? no way. Something like that would take me all day from drawing to finished product. How do you do something like this so quickly?
OP is being polite but that anon is clearly lying; a typical scammer, he doesn't even know what OP wants and he's already bragging about how quickly he could hypothetically get it done for. LOL. Anyone that actually does any kind of art even as a hobby knows that it's not that easy to get a good result and I'm sure you do as well. It would probably take more than 45 minutes of on and off discussion with a client just to articulate what they wanted.

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