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File: 1613253206265.png (1.21 MB, 2700x1593)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
This board is lame, you should be talking about how much money you made on Upwork today and not having the same conversation about how flatdesign is pure shit again and again.
Today I made 913$, I'm the best. I'm a fucking legend.
By my calculations, you're a faggot
You're not making enough to decide other people sexuality. I'm the only one here able to do that. I'm making enough to decide if you're gay today or not.
You're not making that much money. You can live pretty comfortably, buy a house, and save for retirement with that money but ball parking around 900$ a day as a generous estimate that's only 200,000 a year.

That is no where near fuck you money. That is one bad season and your screwed money because you have absolutely no job security. Plus you have to pay taxes out of that; corporate tax, income tax and also medical care.
Ok, you got me dude.
>absolutely no job security
>have to pay taxes out of that; corporate tax, income tax
True, I'm getting fucked.
>medical care
EU, only good thing about it.
But yeah you're right for the rest. Have a good day you damn moodkiller
nice tree
I bet that your annual profit doesn't even cross six figures.
My money penis is bigger as your money penis.
I'm a full time corporate designer, I give a fuck about upwork.
File: 1611869989052.jpg (92 KB, 777x652)
92 KB
Nice ad fucko, too bad I'm already making a cool 3 dollars per week on iWriter.

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