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we are working on a mobile game with my friend. he's the coder and i'm the designer yet i have literally 0 experience designing UI. i know some blender, photoshop, and illustrator but i think i need some uidesign101 course. especially colors, i'm really bad at picking colors i want to puke on my choices they look abominable. what should watch, read, etc? thanks.
lol just google some color palletes, also coolors is a great site for generating them
UI design is so fucking easy. easiest to design/ make assets for and is fun to work on. try spending all day designing brochures and corporate flyers and see how boring and grating design can be.

also if you play a lot of vidya that should be enough to know how to design UI for games
Tell me, how many unconditional did it make the UI your difference in styles and tangents?
Consolidate friends load helper
Undeveloped game 1£
For colors coloors.co

Uiux Adobe xd.

I started with Adobe xd with 0 experience in Uiux. It's really simple
coolors or kuler for finding a palette
figma for the actual UI

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