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How does Sam Hyde make his graphic cuts?

He makes them in after effects. He went to NYU, he briefly worked at a place making graphics for the big screens at some sport events or something. There even is a full video of him making this shit on youtube.
Idk senpai next time just google it?
post link
nvm i found it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkQ2j48nqpw
alright buddy i’m going to help you because i was the same way a few months ago.

all of his graphics are done by a japanese guy named @konzept.globe on instagram. i’ve emailed him a couple of times and he always responds within a few weeks. don’t do this. I’ll just tell you what he told me.

the secret to getting this look is actually pretty easy (but a little expensive). It’s done by making the graphics in after effects, playing them through a crt monitor or television and using various analog video synthesizers to change the saturation and give it a sort of glitchy look.

here i’ll link some videos to help you:

(how use ur crt tv as a monitor)

( this dude is actually kinda retarded IRL but his tutorials are pretty good. his art sucks tho. also recommend watching his rig video)

(help with video synthesis)


(store that sells video synths, i also recommend the vidiot for when you get more into it)

( a video showcasing the edirol v4 which i’m pretty sure sam uses. either the v4 or it’s successors like the v8 or something like that)

( some inspiration to help you get started, i recommend sorting the videos by ascending order bc everything 2014 and onwards sucks)

some good instagrams to look at for inspiration:

@jackpell (he’s super talented and helpful)

@terrelldavis.me (he was an up and coming designer but he died last month)

@mystic_taxi (y2k and early cg page)


last piece of advice is to buy random graphic design from the early 2000’s books on thriftbooks.

before i forget, you’re supposed to film the graphics playing on your crt screen with another camera and import that footage to after effects and mess with the blending modes.

https://youtu.be/0j0IC0bu3dg (video teaching you how to do that)
^ also go on the subreddit r/videosynthesis to get started. just a warning, the video synth people are incredibly elitist but it’s incredibly easy to do. literally just plug and play. now go fight the ugliness in the world.
watched 13 seconds.
you can easily do this in Ae
most of it is basic stuff and the glitchy things are made using a blocky fractal noise as a displacement map

>going through a ctr
>that video
ok buddy...
it’s how it’s done goofball, straight out of the mouth of the guy who makes the graphics
>He went to NYU, he briefly worked at a place making graphics for the big screens at some sport events or something
i know sam did art school shit for graphic design, but i never knew he went to nyu.
i'm guessing we don't have access to any of the sports stuff you're talking about? it'd be mental seeing sam's art in a normal context like that.
File: 334249309_200.jpg (14 KB, 200x150)
14 KB
they were here a year ago or something

apparently he deleted his old portfolio. U can still google cache thumbnails
it's really just what you would expect from stadium led screens
He went to RISD didn’t he?
thanks for quality posting. ignore the other anon
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