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On topic of presentation...

It seems that photograph of a crusty ballpoint pen sketch out of a notebook in an angle (an even some instagram filter applied) impresses clients far more than black and white vector shape of the thing in it's most precise and honest final form in center of the canvas exported / screenshotted straight out of Illustrator.

I guess seeing the shape, even in imprecise sketch form on a physical material is more tangible and relatable than perfectly sterile digital representation.

Are the digital process aesthetics alienating?
manipulation. showing the pic related as Your New Logo would only elicit a reaction of "is that it?"
but the "process" photos trick the viewer into thinking that the finished article is the result of hard and lengthy work because "we all work hard to do our jobs, don't we!?!?!?". the human drawings force the looker into buying into the lie that the creative business sells of knowing what you are doing and justifying yourself with process.

the picrelated is "just some angles and circles laid over each other", but the notebook drawing is refinement and experience and toil and knowledge all rolled into one.
the notebook is the Emperors New Logo.

>Are the digital process aesthetics alienating?
you're looking at it the wrong way. what is the story being sold and does X sell it better than Y?
It's what me and my boys always called "pseudoscience". You make the marks feel like there was a method and a science behind their money. Doesn't matter if the process you show is the process you took. What matters is that it makes the client feel good. The notorious Pepsi rebrand document is a perfect example of this bullshit. Everyone in the branding industry knows it's a joke but it works. You'll see it all over behance and dribbble. It's even transcended the branding world and come into actual product design. I see engineers posting their whiteboard flow diagrams in presentations now. Everything is PR.
do you remember when they started photographing their monitors on dribbble?
>Doesn't matter if the process you show is the process you took. What matters is that it makes the client feel good.
yeah. i took the logo course on domestika by Sagi Haviv and he talked about doing the Harvard Publishing logo and how they had to emotionally convince the harvard people about the choice. only once they made the people FEEL as if they got it did they feel good about the logo.
That's what you get for working in a shitty field such as design. They are also impressed by sticky notes on a wall (that you can't even read) as if this somehow proves UX strategy. They also think that if you have a MacBook you're a professional, as opposed to any other laptop/OS.
It's actually pretty based. I just lie to people all day and make them feel good while pumping out flow charts. Developers actually have to examine technical issues and shit and I get paid the same amount of money. It rules.
The tide seems to be turning at least in drawings. We're going back to that early 2000's period where "real media" and digital art were at war with one another and everyone was shitting themselves about printed media.

That sketch book looks like a spoof, that page is the artwork rather than the process. I doubt a client would be happy knowing a quater of an A4 page is what 2K can buy. Live process via Zoom or Skype is something that could be on the rise, so client and contractor spit ballat each other. But you would need a good, attentative and creative artist with public speaking ability to pull that off in one sitting.
>freelance designers in 2021 expected begin acting like smiling circus animals and put up a show on skype in-between looking for what to plagiarize from google images ('research') and putting that in onenote, responding to emails, sketching shit and iterating their Adobe documents to get that already measly money
>i write React.js brainded code that puts stuff on the screen in a loop from a JSON array or something and sit through client meetings in unshowered in stained shorts making supermoney as a 'senior developer' while really spending most of the workday doing something else, like exercising out in the forest, cooking or cooming

good thing i abandoned most of that /gd/ shit like 5 years ago, ill come back when they respect us logo niggas (or when the outsourced webdev gravytrain ends)
I always attach samples of the logo in practice or in tangible situations so to speak. Since i've started doing that i've had about 70% less revisions and 40% more sales.
Always create mock ups, they are quick and easy and woo the crowds. Only present flat and precise when working with larger corps and businesses.
fuck this guy and everyone like him

Some people say, "Give the customers what they want." But that's not my approach. Our job is to figure out what they're going to want before they do. I think Henry Ford once said, "If I'd asked customers what they wanted, they would have told me, 'A faster horse!'" People don't know what they want until you show it to them. That's why I never rely on market research. Our task is to read things that are not yet on the page.
- Tim Apple
i am that guy, and that is how the world works. i am not even a graphic designer, but that is how the world works.
I look at it more as "I interpret what the client thinks they want, into ideas that work." Training opportunities are always there, to lead them into the right direction.

But always, you get paid either way. Pick your battles, and sometimes just accept that some jobs are just about the paycheck. This isn't fine art, and it's not your business/product/whatever. Most of the time, nobody will know you did it unless you put it in your portfolio, it's not like we sign our work.

Balance the ego and the efficiency.

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