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File: oct_celt_tile.png (2 KB, 178x178)
2 KB
No one is going to say whether it looks good or bad?
Anon, we have a thread for everything web-design.

I didn't see it. I come to this board off and on and haven't seen a web dev general before.
To me the site is pretty comfy as a site, but you come out as a bit of a creep. Then again it might appeal to your demographic
How do I come out as a creep?
it looks shit mate & is a shit idea shittly executed
File: 1530953266534.jpg (58 KB, 409x618)
58 KB
>comp sci
>conspiracy theories
Could you explain why it looks bad? It sounds like you just want to say that. I get why other people think the idea is bad when I asked /wsr/.

I'm superior.
File: greta-twin.jpg (55 KB, 944x732)
55 KB
Holy cringe. I sent it to my boyfriend, so we can laugh at it.
You really did create a neocities site so you could try to find a /po/lack young catholic virgin girl who likes old things so you can webdate, didn't you?
Just give up and join an amish community

I'm open to other women who aren't Polish and are into papercraft and origami.

I like new things too by the way, such as technology improvements. The Amish are almost totally against technology.
checker background under text is busy, makes the text harder to read. The yellow color scheme might not convey your intended feeling/emotion. Image is neutral to unhappy, casts a shadow over everything else.
Your CSS is ugly. I've made some changes to it and you can find em over at https://hastebin.com/colukireda.css . Compare this to yours and decide what to implement and what not to implement. Although i strongly encourage you to just delete your CSS and use mine. I'd also recommend changing the discord button to something without a shadow and without serifs.
Finally a real answer. What if I toned down the checkers? I probably could use a happier photo too. The colors to me convey warmth, but if I did something like red and pink, it would look cheesy imo.

You aren't going to like this, but I don't like the alternative CSS. It just makes it look too plain. What's wrong with serifs? The shadow on the Discord logo makes it pop more I think.
File: MessageMeOnDiscord.png (68 KB, 2000x588)
68 KB
To answer your question about serifs. They were originally invented to make printed text easier to read but in the digital age it can be a strain to some people to read them, Not to mention they're just out of style.

And as for the shadow on the Discord link. I do agree that the shadow makes it pop, But again it makes it a strain to read. The better way to do this would be to but it on a solid background and make the background have a shadow and/or border. A bit like the Find it on App Store buttons you'd find on websites. I've designed a mock-up of what's in my head and you should consider something like the attached image.

And since you don't like my CSS i'll just say that you should switch to a solid background (or anything but patterns, please!!!) and perhaps you should change your photo to one where you don't look sad and stoned. And jsyk i'm still open to helping you and giving advice if you want it.

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