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File: screen.png (443 KB, 1449x494)
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443 KB PNG
why is UI design getting progressively worse?
File: Reaction (1).png (1.12 MB, 894x894)
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1.12 MB PNG
>Compares an atomic design mockup with a real life product from the 90s
The better question is why are you browsing Dribbble?
I don't like neumorphim or whatever that right thing is called but in general design is getting better, minimalism is the future
The real answer is that because CRTs have been supplanted by LCDs with bigger resolutions, and because touch screens have become more prevalent as well. What this means is that GUI elements are no longer things that you click on but instead poke with your finger like some sort of simian.
because of who they hire to do them
>why is UI design getting progressively worse?
Because you don't have any idea of what the fuck you're talking about.
Bruv you really think that shitty windows 98 layout is better? There's no visual indication of where to click for what, and black on grey is as painful to read as getting Andrew the giants first up you ass
The whole point of ui design is supposed to be ease of readability and use, so dont say "Fuccin' boomers can't figure out how to use shit software
I don't know but can somebody explain to me why the contrast there is so bad?
File: becauseitisshit.png (270 KB, 796x914)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
Because the contrast it is shit. Take a look on your image in grayscale and see how the "more" is blended.
They probably aprooved this without taking all situations into account, and now the process of aprooval may be so bureaucratic that they simply leave it that way
File: 2020.jpg (44 KB, 910x480)
44 KB
The IQ of computer users has dropped by 20-30 points
I thought of this before, and this probably warrants it's own thread, but what happens to design as the IQ of a population decreases? we got away with a lot of simplicity in design because people understood it, but what happens when that is no longer the case? good clean design is wasted on a population of 70 iq if no one understands it
>as the IQ of a population decreases
I see where you're coming from but I think that's an inaccurate angle to look at this.
Computers and broadband internet were available only to the savvy as recently as 15 years ago.
Since it's been made more and more accessible (I do mean ease of accessibility not only availability) more people have joined.

And, /gd/, as Erik Spiekermann put it so eloquently:
>The bigger a group gets, the lower its intellectual common denominator falls. The average taste of a group is definitely worse than that of any individual member. One can always see this at board presentations, where the propensity to make decisions is affected by the group size. If a group discussion had a colour, it would be beige.
itls called SOUl zoomlet
late 90s early 00s you had few providers of services, and the user was in charge of adapting to what he was seeing. Now this dynamics is inverted, you have 3 seconds max to load a page and the user need to know what to do in the next 3 seconds or else he will go somewhere else that shows him what to do next in that timeframe.

It is not that people got dumber, but they got conditioned to know what to do in the next step and if you don't answers the user question as fast as inhumanely possible, he will change pages and go to the next service that do answer it.
Still the OP pic on the right is shit as hell
Okay but what does that have to do with importing massive amounts of literal retard-tier IQ peoples

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