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This might be it edition

>Please do your due diligence before requesting the font used in an image

>When sharing a non-free font, .zip the whole font family and upload it to a filehost without an expiration date or password. Don't upload with the correct name, e.g. write Fru1ty Ger when uploading Frutiger.

>Pay it forward. If someone in the thread helped you out, try to help another person or share some random premium font families from your own collection.
File: bl070-2T.png (16 KB, 480x320)
16 KB
Anyone have When Suddenly by Comicraft? An older version will do just fine. Thanks in advance.
File: mystic_cm1-.jpg (91 KB, 910x607)
91 KB
Does anyone have this font?
File: download.png (466 KB, 1920x960)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
Anyone has Mato Sans? I need it to finish someone else's project
File: 1589738357860.png (1.37 MB, 767x803)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
This font is so good
But I can't figure out exactly which one it is.
It was used in Twin Peaks, so it's pretty old
It just looks like slightly blurry Helvetica.
File: T11428_00.jpg (343 KB, 2373x795)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
anyone have babylonia or wolf gang?
File: uhg.png (7 KB, 279x180)
7 KB
/r/ing Ultra Hi-Gloss
Can you recommend me a quality serif OR sans serif for libreoffice?
It's either me or the font renderer is the shits.
Does anyone has the Avenir Pro family?
Kindly requesting for Ladronn-Intl:
Anyone have Futura Now Script? Or even better, the entire Futura Now super family. Thanks
I was mistaken, actually I don't need Futura Now, just the Futura Script family, can be whatever foundry.
File: image1.jpg (54 KB, 412x412)
54 KB
I'm looking for Bookman Swash
looking for the Eurostile family, thank you!
Anyone got Microgramma?
Does anyone have Satyr?

All the gett links from previous links seem to be dead...
Sorry, no. Have a bunch of other CC stuff though.
Retweet on this one brother
its obviously very popular but i cant find a proper link to the regular Univers font family
File: Font search.jpg (252 KB, 960x456)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Does someone have or knows what this font name is?
File: Sectra-sample-6.png (85 KB, 1000x1000)
85 KB
do you have mild mannered and samaritan?
File: 1585068855289.png (85 KB, 180x280)
85 KB
Do you know of some pretty, serif fonts for reading?
I like when it's either a little ragged, like https://www.dafont.com/berylium.font
Or when it's "classical", like Goudy. I love Goudy (especially the Q). If you have any families of it, I'll take it.
If not, then I'd love to have any fonts you find good for reading
File: 1592658318540.png (1.27 MB, 680x1055)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Does anyone have Eurostile Unicase Pro Regular?
Does anyone have the Anti hero family?
Bumping this

(Also, why are these threads so dead now, what happened?)
anyone have the Minerva Modern font family?
Anyone got Anchorage - Vintage Script Typeface? All links expired for it.
anyone have the complete bodoni family? specifically need bodoni pro bold condensed
Futura Now - https://we <dot> tl/t-IxkPCVxMIW

Microgramma - https://we <dot> tl/t-aIJ83OBpI0

No clue which of these you want.
Eurostile - https://we <dot> tl/t-wSi4P3Y8eU

I like Lexicon.

Bodoni - https://we <dot> tl/t-AVsidDmOzQ

Univers Pro - https://we <dot> tl/t-L20xH90kTy

Lots of good CC and fonts here, which may include what you're looking for - https://mega <dot> nz/folder/8ZUQhCjC#2oz4p8DSIovTPyAFDQVJOw/folder/RJ9ggYQA


GT Sectra - https://we <dot> tl/t-qQNco2C9kk

The font appears to be a weight of Agency FB - https://we <dot> tl/t-8i3msysf0p
Anchorage - https://we <dot> tl/t-QLfbdZTf4X
Satyr - https://we <dot> tl/t-Ip9DXyhCgC
>Lots of good CC and fonts here, which may include what you're looking for - https://mega <dot> nz/folder/8ZUQhCjC#2oz4p8DSIovTPyAFDQVJOw/folder/RJ9ggYQA
Anti-hero is listed as missing...
I hadn't checked for the specific fonts since there's so much in there.
Anti Hero BB - https://we <dot> tl/t-KtrcJ4VYM7
Thank you.
No "Eurostile Unicase Pro" by Linotype in the Eurostile link, but thanks anyway.
Sorry anon, my mistake.
Eurostile Unicase LT Pro - https://we <dot> tl/t-pmuyUL4xDg
Oh shit, my dude delivers. Thank you sincerely, and thank you for the other ones, too.
File: boogaloo.png (56 KB, 950x569)
56 KB
I know this is the font sharing thread, but I was wondering if I could get a recommendation instead.
I'm working on a card game project for some friends and I need a font for the body copy. Something readable at particularly small sizes, just in case. Boogaloo is the header/subheader font, so something that works with this.
Help is super appreciated.
Enjoy anon, hope it helps.

If any other anons miss out on the wetl links (7 days only) then (You) me here and I can repost them

Since you mentioned small sizes, I'm figuring you have a decent amount of text to set. So I don't want to recommend anything too out there. If you want something fun and casual that's also very legible at low sizes, you could try Maritime Tropical Neue (free).
thank you so much!!!
huh, for some reason this version of the font actually doesn't have the "℔" (barred lb) character – but "sc satyr10 web" (i can find a free download of that from elsewhere online, but it's a lighter webfont version) does. wonder what's up with that?
That is odd, although I can't speak for it since I didn't rip this font file myself (it is definitely a web-rip though). If you need more characters it might be worth ripping it yourself from their site, given that it's available on font page in a typebox.
good point! that's actually probably what that version i found was. the "Get free trial" version doesn't have it (or certain normal letters, even more limited). i'll see if ripping it myself from the site differs from that other version, thanks!
File: russ.jpg (208 KB, 1200x800)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Does anyone here have the font Petrovica?
File: comicreggae.jpg (147 KB, 828x738)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
This may be a stretch, but does anyone have Comic Reggae (コミックレゲエ Std)? It's a popular font for manga.
Reggae Std, Comic Reggae Std - https://we <dot> tl/t-3XzWmnf64a
Mmm, I'm not sure if I can help you with that font, buddy. Looks a little hard to read to me.
Awesome, thanks a lot!
Anyone have Concourse by Matthew Butterick?
Anybody have Monoska?
seconding this
Concourse OT - https://we <dot> tl/t-sMrne4k9bX
Marsden (c) Jason Vandenberg / Greyscale Type 114XOTF
Blick Sans (c) Matthew Blick 4XOTF
Bill Corp M3 (c) Oliver Jeschke, Max Bill/OGJ Type Design 23XOTF
M XiangHe Hei TC (c) Adrian Frutiger, Akira Kobayashi, Monotype Studio/Monotype 10XOTF
Endurance (c) Steve Matteson/Monotype 12XOTF
Zink (c) David Laranjeira/T-26 3XTTF
Worldwide (c) Nick Shinn/Shinntype 11XOTF
SpaceLab (c) John Moore/John Moore Type Foundry 4XOTF
Apologizes for long, complicated list
Sorry for the delay, but thank you so much for the suggestion!
It looks great!
File: Font Search.png (648 KB, 781x631)
648 KB
648 KB PNG
Does anyone know what kind of Font do they use in the IDW Sonic comics?

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