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being a Creative Director or Art Director and get a job?

My resume is shit being NEET but every couple of year I gotta work but I don't want to wagecuck

let's help each other game the system
oh no anon you might actually have to TRY at something for once in your life!!! oh the humanity!!!
>being a Creative Director or Art Director and get a job?
You don't, troll. CD and AD are jobs that require knowing what you're doing. You won't get hired without a proven track record for herding projects, and successful campaigns/projects.

Could you go back and troll /pol, or wherever you came from?
I always thought the artists who work 4 you have to know what they do? You know the people with passion to create something not the people with passion to order shit.
I want to try my best at faking being a cd or ad
cd/ad are just glorified managers. emails about emails, meetings about meetings, a compliment here, a critique there. I can do that. I need an in that's it.
Oh, you're a troll. Confirmed.
wow... some CDs are glorified managers if they're shit at their job (and alot of them are) but most ADs actually execute and get stuff done. you're sadly misinformed on this industry...
>forgot to post SWEATpledge.svg

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