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File: 20200731_235252.jpg (22 KB, 170x115)
22 KB
Post Client "Experiences"

>need his shitty logo for an animation
>tell him in the kindest way possible that he should get a new logo done, properly this time, since this is hard to work with and impossible to ever print
>he said previously that he got his current design from some fiverr designer who charged him like 500$ for literal shit and disappeared from the site
>you can obviously see that his "logo" is just a 400x400 cutout from an internet picture, doesn't even have a transparent version, absolute dogshit quality overall
>he defends his logo fiercly, even though he called the designs he got from fiverr horrible himself, says his cousin was able to animate it and he printed it on a hat
>mfw I imagine him wearing a hat with a pixelated, half-assed cut out illustration from the internet which is 400x400
>mfw I need to care about his insecurities because of a 30$ animation

How do I avoid putting my Clients in a defensive position? I'm just trying to help and advise them in their own best interest but they become agressive when you explain to them why their design is objectively shit, I just couldn't go further without mentioning it because I don't want anyone to see that the animation was made by me and possibly asociating the logo design with my work.
Screen your clients anon, don't work with retards, it's not worth it
just do the damn animation, you don't have to put it in your portfolio.

I asked him if he could send me the file so I could take a look at it and that it would be good if his logo was vectorized. He stopped replying. Guess he's paying another 500$ for a fiverr scam. Conversation was really nice up until I mentioned his Logo. I guess he was already biased against me after his last experiences.

I don't know what to do anymore anons, please tell me 70% of potential clients are just retards by nature. I have a few regular clients that love me and wouldn't consider switching designer but most people that I chat with just turn out to be like this, I'm always trying to improve my communication but the rate of retards doesn't change much, only how much the non-retards like me. 20% become one-time customers and 10% regulars. Is this a good rate? I certainly can't sustain if I don't put up with retards from time to time.
File: 1544015373221.jpg (96 KB, 1080x1350)
96 KB
Put up with retards until you build the awesome client base then you gain the ability to say no which is the best feeling in the world, you have a pretty good rate
If you are only charging $30 you are practically telling your clients “I don’t really know shit, don’t listen to me”
You could try by getting your facts straight first, in your troll, shithead.

First it's a $500 logo from Fiver (nobody pays that much on that site for a logo, lol.), then it's $30.
>says his cousin was able to animate it and he printed it on a hat
Is gibberish.

Go back to /pol, shithead.
I understand, but considering what he wanted was a 2-3 second transition for his stream and that it would take me 40 minutes max to make it's a decent price all things considered.

What are you talking about? His entire design was 500$ (not just the logo), I told him his Logo was hard to work with and that he probably won't be able to print it properly, he argued that his cousin was able to animate it and that he printed it on a hat. How is this a political issue you fucking retard.
just animate his fucking logo you moron
monty python style, the fuck are you arguing for?
no one needs to know it was you

froggy cunt
>How is this a political issue you fucking retard.
it's not.
it's the new whacky, quircky /pol/ technique to saturated the legit criticism of how much /pol/users shit the other boards.

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