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File: crop_image.jpg (58 KB, 600x600)
58 KB
Hello /gd/, I usually stick to /mu/ but I wanted to ask you guys for your input. As an artist, I need not only a recognizable sound but a recognizable branding. Pic related Is the logo I've created for my career. I make loud raw punk rap/trap metal/alternative rap under the pseudonym "Yung Ugly Bastard" so I figured for a logo, a porno mag would be a pretty unique and good idea. What I'm here to ask is do you think the logo is good? Do you think it is interesting enough to catch your eye while also being memorable? Please give me your thoughts on this.

TL;DR: Is my logo good?
wouldn't even qualify as a logo
>unreadable at small scale
>unreadable at grayscale
>ugly af
File: sketch1593500049147-1.png (589 KB, 1750x658)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
Appreciate the response anon. Im unfamiliar with the terms used in graphic design so do bare with me.
>>unreadable at small scale
That's a good point. I'm assuming you literally in a "smaller scale" so it would be harder to read. Is there anything you would recommend counterbalancing this? Perhaps focusing more on a silhouette rather than a text based image?
>>unreadable at grayscale
I guess you mean the text is unreadable if you were to convert the image to greyscale? I don't fully understand what you mean by this, perhaps I've misinterpreted what you said.
>>ugly af
So not visually appealing to you? What would you suggest?
change your name
What's wrong with the name?
not really, try making it more sharper or go more crazy and make it a full 3d using a simple program like dimesion
File: sketch1593539385256.png (457 KB, 2750x2750)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
>making it more sharper
So I guess you mean more sharp lines rather then smoother so here's a version I made with nothing BUT guides. I didn't add the text because getting the perspective right proved incredibly difficult for me RN. But besides that, how does that look compared to the original?
yeah this looks much better
File: sketch1593556716999.png (510 KB, 2750x2750)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
Well I made a more sharp full copy. Is it better than the original?
so bad dude wtf, stick to music...
File: Untitled-1.png (35 KB, 440x470)
35 KB
yes and no
your main problem wasn't how sharp the lines were but the basic shape of it
>gestalttheorie 101
pay attention to nothing but the silhouette
is it easily readable?
if not, redo it until it is

right now, that thumbnail looks like a guy with a hat covering his face/body with a coat while trying to sell shady shit from inside it
File: sketch1593561914859-1.png (85 KB, 1300x1399)
85 KB
That's why I use music as my medium not drawing
Yeah, you really cant tell what it's supposed when you put it like that. I want to keep the magazine concept but how do I manage to turn a simple shape (rectangle for the book) into something identifiable?
you're going to leave this place worse off than you started. most people here are retarded (as if you didn't know that) and will give you the worst advice possible.

That being said, I think your concerns don't reflect the music you're making. Those genres are as you described - raw, and you want your artwork to reflect that. If you ask me, it does that already.
File: sketch1593556775339.png (1.35 MB, 2750x2750)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
Yeah more than likely I'm just going to keep the original. The new one (suggested by /gd/) is way too formal and by the books
Before designing a logo, you should think about these things
-What message are you trying to convey and in what style?(Think brand relations, think consistency )?
-Can my logo be used across multiple platforms? In other words, is it versatile?
-Is it memorable? Appropriate?
All these sorts of things

What I can tell you is that you can do better
Raw does not mean child's play

If I were you I would use a single line for my design,get rid of all the unnecessary infi, and show, not tell that it is a porn mag.

Basically a single line that shows
1.Your name
2.A nude girl
3.Your overall aesthetic

This line could be filled with neon to show colour and depth
Unironically the best advice I've gotten in this thread. Rather than just trying to "fix" it to your wants, you actually give me a better idea of how to design a logo to better fit my needs. I'll keep this in mind anon. I really do appreciate this, thank you
this has to be a fucking troll thread, wtf

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