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Hey, I am asking for advice on which Macbook I should buy.

The two avilable options are:
1. 2017 MacBook Air with i7 processor, 8GB of memory, and 250GB of storage.
2. 2013 Macbook Pro with i5 processor, 4GB of memory, and 250GB of storage.

My main needs are two-dimensional graphic design and internet browsing.

Thanks in advance!
Obviously the 2017 one. I have 8 GB of RAM and I can only do basic/intermediate stuff (forget about editing video or working on photoshop with a 4K canvas with tons of layers) I also have 250 GB HDD but you'll fill it in a week. If you can get a 2 or 4 TB SDD
I wish I had just built a PC instead. Don't fall for the meme.
bro just build your own pc
build a pc and boot MacOS if you really cant handle windows. any other option is cringe
Just get a Second-Hand Microsoft Surface Pro (or something similar) if you want something instant that's good for Graphic Design.

MacBooks are highly overrated and overpriced. You'd be luckier making your own Hackintosh, but that might be impossible since pretty soon Apple is going to abandon Intel, and start building their own in-house AMD CPUs.
Literally buy an old Mac Pro from 2010 for 300 and upgrade the ram, hdd to an ssd, and a new (COMPATIBLE) graphics card and you can have a brand new Mac pretty much. I just did this with a 2008 one and it runs illustrator and photoshop perfectly.
>I just did this with a 2008 one and it runs illustrator and photoshop perfectly.
lol no. photoshop requires macOS 10.12 or later, which in turn requires a mac pro from 2010 or newer. and even then the os requirement will depreciate that 4 year old OS. macOS 10.15 requires a 2013 or newer mac pro.

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