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File: MockupChukirawa1.jpg (779 KB, 2000x2000)
779 KB
779 KB JPG
Hi I didn't find a WAYWO thread so I'll start one.

Im looking for critique on this package design.
It's pretty, it's legible, the colours are feminine friendly. What's the brief?
>This is litterally the brief:
A monthly subscription box that delivers home décor goods each month to subscribers needs to revamp their packaging to reflect a more modern, urban feel. Currently they use plain brown boxes with colorful, branded tape – they want to move in a much more comprehensive packaging design direction, much like Hello Fresh and Thrive Market. They are open to various color schemes and icon ideas, as they currently only use a wordmark for their logo.

>Also thanks for your reply, I think /gd/ is one of the most helpful boards on this site
File: Camiseta2mockup1.1.jpg (4.66 MB, 4000x4000)
4.66 MB
4.66 MB JPG
Soooo no one else is doing shit on the board? sad
Your design looks good, it seems to similar to stitch fix's tho.

Im working on this tshirt for a coffee shop trying to do merch.

Any critiques?
File: Camiseta2mockup1.2.jpg (4.52 MB, 4000x4000)
4.52 MB
4.52 MB JPG
I ment crewneck sorry. also, heres the back mockup
looks great actually
pretty generic... font choices could be better and/or have better kerning (K & I are too close to each other, A & W too far etc), mark could use some varied stroke thickness

inconsistencies between logo at the top and on the box (italics, underline distance and width)

it's fine but just feels unfinished because of all these things, doing them would take it to the next level

nice mockup template! i hate the design though soz lol, looks like you made it in 3 minutes
Hey very helpful. Really.

I get what you say bout the crewneck lol, I don't despise it a much as you but I'm def not 100% convinced. I was trying to go for a sot of "brutalist" look. I guess I have to keep trying.
Oh I didn't even realise all the designs were the same person! I think one thing to keep in mind when doing minimalist type things is that the small things REALLY matter, like kerning, spacing, weighting, balance, symmetry. All that kinda stuff, sort of the subconscious part of the design that you don't think about so much as you feel them.

Like try typing out a word in a font you like and then JUST work on the kerning for each letter until it FEELS right to you as a whole entity, not even as individual letters. And then consider the letters in the word and how they relate to and work with each other, maybe the word itself doesn't really feel pleasing to look at because of the way the glyphs interact with each other so you might have to change the word or change something to make it work
really like the minimal design, I think one thing that needs to be fixed is the italic
This was really great advice. thx! I will def be paying mre attention to detail on type. (I sometimes worry Ill mess up the work of the original type creator if I get too involved with modifying the originals. I guess it takes a trained eye and sublte work)

/gd/ is mostly a great place
Yes! someone else mentioned that. I will be fixing it.
show us when ur done :)
1) kerning
2) where did you find that mock-up
3) where do you find your clients
Nothing because I can't land a job.
File deleted.
Trying to make some a logo for a shirt or something in my free time.
i just started making a karen/boomer-tier POD shop.

what are some boomer ass webstores i can steal inspo from
Hey do you have a mockup template pack somwhere to share?
not OP but it kinda looks like a photific storefront mockup. i may be wrong, but they have tons that look just like that, in tons of diff poses.
It's poopy
Hey Op here, I dont remember were I got this one, but theres tons of free mockups online, and some really amazing paid ones too. I ussually just goolge
>"insert needed surface" free mockups
and usually find preety good stuff.

Maybe we should create a mockup sharing thread
>Maybe we should create a mockup sharing thread

yes please, can people throw some suggestions here in the meantime?

im looking for free lifestyle mockups. placeit has a few but 99% of the good ones are paid.
If I was a ho I'd buy it so 10/10 amigo
File: karensamples.png (415 KB, 2552x1200)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
really rough designs for some shirt logos

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