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File: First magazine.jpg (417 KB, 1275x1650)
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i learned some Indesing basics in 2 days then i find this image :
guys idk about you but i think the text/font/colors kinda retarded
- r8 me
- where can i find better fonts
- suggest some video/channels/curses about indesing plz
(or anything that you think can help get better in graphic design wold in- general)
- wahts should i put in the cover ''text''
HELP me get better anons plz !
I'd keep 119k deaths in one line, doesn't make sense in 2
it won't change 2 much i mean still the same idea
it seems like they're different things. It will change. It's different to read 119K Deaths than
File: InDesign_jd7UZ5U5ws.png (989 KB, 1600x856)
989 KB
989 KB PNG
Well,ibh it look kinda better any more suggestion ? :D
says "still the same idea"
thinks hes a graphic design
wont try graphically communicating ideas
I don't understand the dichotomy of Trump here, let alone how it relates to the text
Why is "TRUTH" in bigger font?
The cuts on the ears are too lined up with the cuts on the face
The barbed wire halo is decent, but it should be a barbed wire crown of thorns actually in his head and messing/bloodying his hair if you want a stronger image
The tie helps show how off-center the image is
Also >>390344
really its a mess

he shouldnt have the mask on - maybe a more subtle halo
also, fuck the angel / devil dichotomy - make him a red skull face - more death-y
and the body count should either be huge (and dont use the fucking K) or be a footnote

and really really fuck the whole truth bit - and fuck the whole dichotomy at all



>please help
yeah i agree with this, angel devil doesn't quite fully describe the amount of deaths this stuff is causing. Red skull would be dope
Why did you made evil his good side? very retarded...
It doesn't make sense, his evil side is Jesus?
nicest person you will ever meet and twisted fucking psychopath

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