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I need a little bit of help, my friends. I am trying to take a series of images and extract color palettes from them. Every online tool I have found to do this never gives me the exact colors in the image when checked manually. I have never really done this before, so I can't tell whether this is by design or that these tools are just shit. Does anyone know a good tool that will give me the exact colors in the images, or can maybe explain to me why this is happening?
I'm going to give you an example of what I'm talking about. This tool from Adobe gives me #F2E205. 99.99999% of the yellow in the image is #F6FF00. Why the hell does it give me this yellow that occurs on a single pixel instead?
7 colors

Lazy cunt, just do it manually. I swear everyone on this board spends more time on shortcuts than actually making shit
Save For Web (Legacy)
Because you dont dealing with a pure color but with a composite color. Pictures compressed or converted into other color spaces can do this stuff. If you dont want to adjust the color manually you can blur the area, and take the sample out of the blued area.
also try posterization
Image Trace on illustrator could work i guess

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