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File: april 2019 logo-name.png (126 KB, 2108x964)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
Post logos you’ve designed and critique others
the border on that top arrow makes the arrow smaller in thickness. fuck you.
File: logo.png (28 KB, 828x1008)
28 KB
50 bucks for 10 minutes :)
File: Untitled-2.jpg (52 KB, 500x300)
52 KB
Fuck it, i'll play along and offer some real critique.

These two things look like two completely different logos. You have made a square out of your type and pair that with a round mark. Questionable at best.

First of all the type:
If you do a mark you should keep your type simple and not do anything complicated like scaling part of the type by 300%.
Font choice is alright, though it is way too light compared to the fat and heavy mark.
Not a fan of how much emphasis is put on the UX part as opposed to the part which is going to gain you name recognition in the long run.

The mark:
Bold, too bold. The solid black is too imposing and is really heavy on the eyes. Too much dead space within the circle creates that effect.
The square shape of the arrowsteps doesn't compute with the surrounding roundness.
It's seriously basic, you have basically used 3 primitive shapes to make it and done nothing interesting with the composition of those shapes.
The border / division of the shapes in the arrow really fucks with the eyes in a tiresome way.
The colors, or rather lack thereof, makes it look like a work in progress, but since it says "april 2019" I assume this is a finished project.

I took a stab at your logo for a few minutes(pic related), and came up with a few different concepts. But one in particular kept stabbing me in the eye, you have two 'X's, why not use them to create an interesting logotype? I think that would be way easier to work with on so many different levels than what you've currently got. Just food for thought on your next project.
File: bcard2.jpg (201 KB, 1050x600)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
I like the idea here alot. The "Ch 21. Game" should be smaller and off centered more. You really need to make it look more off centered or it just looks lik a mistake. Maybe cut off the 21 a bit with the edge. You should also bring the "we play you watch" more into the circle.
File: ch21.jpg (408 KB, 1339x1255)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
This is really nice. Simple and fun.
File: RADIKWEAR.png (84 KB, 1024x1024)
84 KB
File: Radikwear_2 logo.png (87 KB, 1650x600)
87 KB
File: Radikwear fasces bg.png (20 KB, 1008x672)
20 KB
Cringiest brand I've ever seen.

This is pretty good. Very basic and boring though (especially since it's not an original symbol) and not much to say besides it looks nice. Type works well with the symbol. Not a huge fan of the 3 lines underneath, would probably do something different there or just remove them entirely.


Awful colors. Other than that the type doesn't really work all that well imo, the 'K' and 'W' absolutely disgusts me. The symbol in the middle should be bigger so it sticks out on the top and bottom, right now it looks way too small. Just crap.


More of your standard clothing logotype. Shaft of the mark looks fat as fuck, and not in a good way. Not a fan of the small lines that gets formed with that type of mark. The same critique applies to the font from the previous paragraph. This one just highlights even more how shit that 'K' is. And the whole font doesn't flow well at all with such a pointy mark.


Why have 3 very different versions of the same logo active at the same time?
File: D_dfx4mXYAAZhVf.jpg (30 KB, 385x599)
30 KB

publishing and distrubing those in most european countries will bring you arest and court case with paying over 30 000 euros fine.
File: 80s Octagon.jpg (346 KB, 1204x1216)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
This is the vegan black noise of logos.
Post a logo next time and I'll critique it.
File: onme.jpg (95 KB, 400x400)
95 KB
Gonna post 3 of my logos. I don't actually do GD professionally, just a project here or there to make some extra cash, and these were all pieces that can't really be linked to me, so no larger commercial projects. So it's not really my best work, but whatever.

For a website selling clothes, mostly female clothes. Directions client wanted was something like "ONLY.com", "boohoo.com", etc...

Rejected by client though I kinda still like it, makes for decent branding with the pattern you can make from tiling it.
File: mk.jpg (25 KB, 400x400)
25 KB
A draft for a personal logo for one of my friends. Obviously intials MK. A bit bland and not quite what she wanted so we settled on another design.

Also notice now that I look at it closer the lower part of the 'K' doesn't really look right visually. It looks to be too far right, well, not gonna change that now...
File: weisertech (1).png (20 KB, 1920x1080)
20 KB
halfway into a project for a marine tech company. think solar panels for yachts. I like the idea behind this design but I feel it is too simplistic -thoughts?
File: wanted.jpg (30 KB, 400x400)
30 KB
Made this for a friend's guild in WoW called Wanted. They were horde, so obviously blood red for color. then made the W look like an arrowhead because why not. I don't know why, but I remember having a lot of fun designing this one, it was just so freeing doing something for a game and people who didn't really care too much, so I got to do pretty much whatever I wanted, pun intended.
nice, very futuristic, reminds me of mirror's edge

I like this one too, I might roughen the edges a little though. Im not usually a fan of effects like that but it is for a video game
File: American-Oil-Roughs.jpg (141 KB, 1000x773)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Looking for some advice on which one to push further. What's working/not working?
give us a little context. Is this for an oil drilling company? it looks like it's made for something trendier like a clothing brand along the lines of Carharrt

Yes to it being for an oil drilling company. They’ve been around for over 50 years and are looking for something that appears to be a little more “modern” while retaining a classic look. They pride themselves on quality, durability, and thoroughness.

The upper left lockup strays away from what they’d be looking for and feels a little trendy.

Any that’d you say feel like they fit what the company wants?
File: download.png (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
it might just be me but I read the oil droplets as a fleure de lis or something. And for some reason it reminds me of the American Apparel logo. "Classic but modern" is always a hard brief. It seems like it lacks character, but to give it charcater I think you'll have to push it more towards classic or modern. just my 2 cents
File: DIN.jpg (61 KB, 1000x1000)
61 KB
Yeah that was my biggest gripe issue with it now is the flourish/ornament feel to the oil drops. I'm still looking for a way to handle it. I was considering only having only two droplets.

I do get that feeling of the modern/neutral vibe looking at the lower 2 options. I'm sure you can tell which is neue haas grotesk.

I'll attach some of my other roughs, but this one is using DIN and bring the size of the mark down.
File: oil-01.png (10 KB, 960x540)
10 KB
not sure if you already thought f this, the drop fits nicely but youll lose the derrick
I see a lot of people connecting two Xs but this is the first time I've seen someone use an arrow, also cropping the edge of the E is a nice touch.
When it comes to color I don't like gradient but this is ok.
Overall great job.
I really like the way you didn't use clean lines for the mark. Does make it look more fluid.

Over-all I think the mark is good, it gives off a classy vibe, especially with the rich blue color.

Not really feeling the font choice, though I like the R. Would try for something more classy.

This >>370236 was the first thing I saw as well.

But I really like the bottom two. Def keep the spacing on the drops as the bottom two have it at least, it's just too narrow on top right and far left. Also don't think the font works very well on the middle ones. The A in the font should have the same style as the A in the mark IMO. Otherwise it looks disjointed.

At the same time I think the mark has been scaled down too far in this one >>370241
To the point where the A in the type is almost the same size, that also looks very wrong. Keep the mark big.

Over-all it's a good idea, and I like the bottom left the most in the first image.

It's been done to death already, I would not go down this route.
File: pa.jpg (345 KB, 867x650)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
So many problems.

I see what you were going for after reading your post, but if I didn't I don't think I could have figured out what it was supposed to resemble in a million years with a billion guesses.

More focus should be on the name of the event, while the 2019 is important it shouldn't be the singular focus.

The circle around actually looks pretty smooth and I don't hate it. That's surely an element that could have been worked into the logo or been the main part of it in a better way.

I understand that this wasn't paid work and you are inexperienced, but this is a critique thread so I'll go as hard on you as I do on everyone else.

If I were in your shoes there I'd probably have went with something fully abstract for the mark and then just have the type represent the event. Because every other "contestant", read "spec work whore", is going to do something that resembles a computer or something related to computers. A more techy font with an abstract mark in a feminine color to get the SJWs on your side with the "inclusivity", and you've got yourself a win. Pic related.

PS. You should probably stop posting work that prove rule 2 mate. Just fyi.
Logo that I made for a company about crystals.
my girlfriend drew this for me and sent it through imessage once. I unironically wanna get it on a t shirt, near the left chest area. would it look comfy?
Thanks, I don't mind harsh criticism. I really wanted someone to tear into it so I could think about what to change/improve in the future. I try to stay away from abstract blobs as logos unless they can be relevant to the company and/or really well designed. (But I get the competition mentality.) Thanks for the input.
Logo mock up for a motorcycle delivery company that I've designed recently.

What do you think?
The wordmark to me seems business-like and straightforward, something that I would expect see a commercial delivery service like DHL use. But the baby blue color suggests a much friendlier tech-startup-esque company along the lines of Lyft or taskrabbit.

TLDR: the blue is too soft for the mark, the mark isnt playful enough for the blue
File: 9thgradefail.png (287 KB, 957x913)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
I admit to being a beginner but I have a serious liking for digital design
this was probably in the first 5 months that we had (completely beginners) together.
school district project 3 limited colors + grayscale with the words "digital lee"
I was still very new to PSAI and i still am.
if i had to critique myself i would completely start from scratch on the circle but keep the boat design (it had to be "florida" themed) and place some technology aspect into it other than the "play" button circle.
our teacher makes us critique our own works anyways and i feel terrible about this project we did last year it was one of my worst.
Not only is the lettering pisspoor and the shapes ugly, but they don't even look like crystals. Also too many shades and fookin drop shadow.

Sorry mate, but I bet someone off of fiverr could do a better job of that.

I don't even know dude, if you like the idea, do it. Don't know your GF enough to know if she'd find it cute, funny, or cringe.

Boring, but at least you avoided the trap of making a blue box with the words on either side of it... So it's something.

I think >>370336 hit the nail on the head there. I don't know what the rest of the branding looks like, so maybe you are going for something like a more rigid corporate identity to inspire confidence. But I think you should at the very least go with more of the darker shade of blue you've got at the bottom of the box then. It's more in the line with something a secure transportation company would use.

Also something to think about is how your logo is going to translate into different places. For example, I assume every delivery company these days uses an app. So how is your logo going to translate into an app icon? Just the two lines? Food for thought.
File: 87684522.jpg (422 KB, 2268x2268)
422 KB
422 KB JPG
New logo: Trying to get the essence of photgraphy and design, such Polaroid and others. Any advice?
Too Flashwave

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