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OK, I've never owned a 'tablet' before. I just want for reading manga and books and watching videos. don't need to do anything hardware intensive.
The main issue is I need to be able to freely put whatever files I want, pirated or otherwise, on the device so I can open them and not use gay shit like amazon plus or netflix or disney plus etc.
So if I get an "amazon fire" this should be fine, right? It doesn't have any stupid shit built in that will cockblock me?
I got a chink tablet (kingpad m10) for cheap and it's worked well for me.
Pretty much any Android tablet should do. On Android you can put files wherever you want.
Oh amazon one is way cheaper now with the sale. Yeah I'd get that one
Thanks boys, that's the one I was looking at. Just needed to double check before i cuck myself
Why get a tablet? You can do this on an android phone already...
i can and I do, but I just want a bigger screen for it
Reading mango and books suck on a small screen.
You can deamazon fire tablets, go for it.
To read manga and watch TV episodes during my lunch breaks, I purchased a secondhand iPad mini 3.
Lightweight, has 128GB of storage, and that stunning retina display.
Well worth the money.

I advise the iPad Air 2 for reading graphic novels. You'll need a bigger screen.
I bought this device for my daughter earlier this year. The iPad Air 2 is still functional for most cases.

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