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Once you create a program that does it job fine, without bugs...there is no reason to keep updating it. In the case of winamp, VLC, foobar the versions from 2010 probably work fine and there are no new "features" or things added. If the program plays videos and doesnt crash...its doing its job.

The only case where updates might make sense is the web browser or system security. I can pull out a windows XP PC from 2006 and I can use all the old programs on it just fine, old photoshop, play movies, play music, make documents.

All the programs today are not maintained by cool autists who want to make good shit, they are maintained by trannies and pajeets that make the program more and more bloated, spyware and add tranny pronouns.

the only difference in the new foobar and the one from 2008 was that the new foobar spams you every time you open it to update it. every...fucking...time. no new features....still plays music the same way.
have fun with 32-bits and scalar x87
another example - if you take some linux distro from 2014....it should work just fine as it worked in 2014. you can still play movies, play music, make documents, play old games etc.

the version from 2022 in 90% of cases is only bloated without any performance improvements or bug fixes that you previously had.
tinker trannies hate the fact that certain pieces of software have been dutifully performing a task for the better part of a half century without any human intervention.
a 32bit windows xp in 2008 or whatever worked amazing with 4gb of ram. hell i remember using it with 256 and 512mb ram.
it played games, it played movies, i worked on documents. it loaded web pages.

now i have 32gb ram, 3.8ghz clocked 6 core cpu and a 1660s to have the same performance on windows.
Fucking retard, VLC from 2010 doesn't work fine nigger it's missing modern codecs, you can't watch HEVC videos on it, same for foobar it can't play opus or vorbis

Dumb nigger luddite motherfucker
if it was some cool autist guy that chases perfection and wants to make the program faster or better....OK but thats never the case.

its always some pajeets and trannies that convince you that a music player should be updated every month or "youre gonna get a virus"
and the change log is: removed sexist words from code
1 there are codec packs
2 i never played opus and vorbis
3 HEVC ok i get it, but anyther after MKV x264 you are not going to need ever.
yes, but that's just windows. not saying that you should use linux or what-not. ltsc win 10 is pretty bearable i think.
well written software should be updated, like mpv
software from 2000s will not have hw accel
it depends on a lot of variables.
i mean im running win10 ltsc as well.
and i learned they removed favorites in explorer, so now i cant even rename my shortcut favorites. THANK YOU PAJEETS

you will find in a lot of cases that opening documents, playing music or movies.....doesnt need weekly updates like you are fighting viruses.
File: blender_logo.png (49 KB, 2049x550)
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Blender never stops improving.
I can tell you with complete certainty that the dev is not a tranny. Also Winamp was trash (on a technical level; I freely admit it had SOVL), and the foobar2000 dev started developing it for that exact reason, being a former Winamp dev.
4k content is never going to be encoded in x264 and I haven't even really gone into other audio stuff,

you won't be able to play a movie that uses dolby truehd for instance which didn't come out until 2014 and is standard in 4k movies.

There's other examples like file compression too.
I'm just quickly gonne shill WACUP (WinAmp Community Update Project).
Your own body gets updated every 48 hr
Imagine using blender before 2.5.
noooooo but what about CVE738282882828288282 that exploits... something... idk but it's insecuuuur now updooot now else they will steal all your money and enable javascript while downloading cp on your ssd noooooooo
i used windows 7 until this summer.
i also used outdated browsers like firefox 33.
at one time i even had enabled remote desktop by accident and some script kiddie was trying to hack me.

please steal all the bitcoin from me im begging you.
I still use Ubuntu 14.04
new features are good though

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