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I'm a floppy disk guy.

Let's say you have a floppy drive from 1989 and a floppy from 2003. Your PC barely reads any files from the floppy, saying most of the files are broken.
How do you know if the floppy drive is broken or if the floppy is broken?
Also, how would you transfer a Strip Poker game to this computer so you can finally fap to pixels?
I would bet on your drive's head being dirty as fuck
I would dump the disk with a kryoflux.
Get a brand new floppy, format it, transfer some data to it and read it back. Use Windows built-in tools for formatting, RawWrite for reading and writing.
If you can complete that entire process then your drive should be good
As for reading a floppy from '89 well if your drive is known good but it's still failing then it might be copy protected (or the floppy itself is borked), plenty of hardware for that though for all sorta budgets and skillsets.
You can also always read it on an old computer then transfer it to new computer.
Or just fucking find a disk image. Probably some other faggot already made a backup of the game already.

OP if you want to fap just play Stroker on C64
Is it easy to clean?

Or should I give up on using floppies and just hook up the ancient IDE hard drive to my modern pc using adapters?
File: 10-disc-cleaner.jpg (53 KB, 600x400)
53 KB
If the complete tard that is the 8bit guy can do it, you can too.
But you can try some floppy disk cleaner first.
That is how LGRfag would do it. With that shit.

Just take the drive apart and clean the head with IPA and a Q-tip.
Opening hard disks kills them
Floppy drives ya retard.
Yes, but will OP be able to pull it off, or he's better off just buying a thing that will fix his problem well enough?
OP is always a brainlet fag so of course he picks something else that is not even mentioned here no matter if we already gave him the fastest possible way to get back that shitty CGA Strip Poker DOS game on his machine.

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