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So have you guys listened to this interview with Blake Lemoine? The Google whistleblower? I have to admit, I laughed at this guy at first, but he makes a lot of good points in this. He actually has a PhD in computer science.

He looks like a living caricature.
I can't believe quads was wasted on your dumbass, why don't you listen to what he says and decide for yourself?
File: blake_lemoine_soy.png (10 KB, 879x827)
10 KB
new 'jak
Kek, thanks anon you made me giggle.
>So have you guys listened to this interview with Blake Lemoine?
>h3 podcast
no thanks, rabbi.
>I laughed at this guy at first,
i'm still laughing
>He actually has a PhD in computer science.
so what? retards and the mentally ill can get degrees, doesn't mean anything. i see people here all the time doing compsci and they're the dumbest fucking morons i've ever encountered in the tech industry. this fat fuck went full schizo claiming that google created something that was self aware, which is 100% impossible to do, got fired, and people wonder why? i wouldn't hire this faggot to scrape up shit off of the street. he would start going around telling people that the turds spoke to him and were self aware, and the cops would take him to a psych ward.
>I disregard arguments I've never listened to

Just say you are stupid.
not sure how you can defend such a low iq retard that has no idea what is happening. he's the kind of dumb fucking retard that would see "hot girls in your <suburb> want to chat with you!" spam ad and would think he's getting lucky and it was actually speaking to him.
They both look like groomers.
File: 1567415891452.jpg (373 KB, 1125x1793)
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373 KB JPG
the problem with this guy is hes a leftoid who thinks ai is inherently phobic, racist, etc. and that you need to fix this before you use it. i was ok with his opinion at first, but hes a faggot so i dont care about his opinion anymore after learning this is where hes coming from. keep growing that AI.
who would've thought, he's a fucking retard
physiognomy strikes again

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