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For the steam deck operating system.
Why haven't anyone made one is it hard to make?
Because its a useless idea.
>operating system.
it's just arch with kde and stem preinstalled, so nobody cares to make it
You could test performance between windows and Linux without having to install it.
And it gives tdp,fsr settings and a nice interface it might be something good for older laptops.
And most importantly it would eat into windows.
You won't get people to install Linux.
But if you tell them just use this USB it's Linux it might do something.
You can demo it on any system without installing >>87471377
Why not? Most people don't know how to install all the apps it would help to have it just working.
it probably has many exclusive to stem deck optimizations which will only make it worse for other devices
>You won't get people to install Linux.
>But if you tell them just use this USB it's Linux it might do something.
but nobody wants clueless people to find out about linux, we do not want linux to become popular among average consumer, to be more correct
>we do not want linux to become popular among average consumer,
it already became you sweet innocent child
no, most people i know (real people, not hivemind 4chan bots) have absolutely no clue about linux, only some techies do, but they still run windows and only have heard of linux from the internet
I think that's wrong if people don't care about Linux it will eventually end up Dead or windows will finally get manufacturing to make some "feature" that makes sure you can't run it
most people do not care indeed, but we've had a stable desktop marketshare since forever and linux can't die because it is the most widespread operating system/kernel outside of desktop
>music players
>embedded devices
all run linux
Ok I don't mean die literally.
I would just like it to be good enough to replace windows entirely.
I hate 10 and things are only getting worse.
This much spying will have bad consequences on humanity in ways you can't imagine.
Government's aren't supposed to know people to this degree.
The real question is why hasn't anyone come up with a live/portable gaming environment to combat cheating?

>AAA faggotshit shooter releases
>normie/chink cheater queue is on all platforms
>professional/league matches must be played from locked down live OS on USB/Thunderbolt SSD
>system image/kernel and all components are checksummed/scanned before matches are allowed to be played
File: 1605233711347.png (27 KB, 657x527)
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Linux its already good enough to replace Windows. People just dont use.
O.O This nigga may be right.
linux desktop getting mainstream most likely means nothing good
governments will pay the linux distro developers to implement spyware and we all will be btfo
for windows users linux getting mainstream is good because even that would be an improvnment over their current OS, but to the most of it's userbase linux is good enough already
i run linux on a main system and i'm happy with it, why would i do anything for normies if it can ruin my comfies?
It's probably much easier to combat cheating in a controlled competition from the get go. The problem is that cheating can ruin MP for regular players which means the money dries up and the game dies.
Because know everything about everyone will collapse freedom forever.
If they have the information they will design the perfect cage.
yeah but the zoomers would soon want to have the same setup as their twitch heroes, which would lead to players wanting to have a 'FaggotOS VERIFIED' badge on their account before they're even considered legitimate
No, I don't think most people would want to bother with booting an entirely different OS just to play a game. Also something like this could be plausibly implemented for whatever computers are used in competitions, but for home use it would need to come with proper drivers for every setup under the sun, all without the user intervening to configure or install anything since it would no longer be the same verified image, which would be a nightmare or nigh-impossible to support for some company making a video game.
its got some startup scripts to run gamemode and gamescope by default but yes you are mostly correct.
>it probably has many exclusive to stem deck optimizations which will only make it worse for other devices
That's not how it works and many of those optimizations are in the upstream to be pushed for the linux kernel.
botnet fag
Gaming platforms are not that broad and varied, drivers for last 3-4 generation chipsets, HID drivers for generic USB audio, and major Wifi/LAN drivers for the last 5-6 years, Video would be the only thing might need regular updates for new gpus. Considering most esport gamingfags don't keep their drivers up to date anyway this might be easier. Legacy drivers could be whitelisted as long as they're not tampered with. If it got popular enough they'd probably just start certifying motherboards for it.
t. i'm a chink-cheat gold farmer and account reseller, please don't threaten my livlihood

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