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> need to find quick reference for small problem
> punch 'how to do thing' into search engine of choice
> first 3 results
> check pages
> they're all written by pajeets
> obviously copy pasted
> incoherent english
> total lack of analytical thinking
> no explanation of nuanced behavior or underlying principles
> just shamelessly copy pasted code probably written by a westerner
So, I should just read the documentation right?
yup, I ALWAYS use

to avoid this issue
>be me
>work on a ruby-on-rails project using webrick
>one day webrick shits in its pants and stops working
>google the problem
>stackoverflow, github, youtube don't know
>first-page results are garbage
>after a few days trying to find the solution reach the last pages of google results
>a blog of some asian guy describing the same problem
>google translate says it's japanese
>translate the article
>follow the translated instruction
>it fucking works
>solve the problem and eventually finish the project
>never touch ruby-on-rails again
Colonialism was a mistake.
File: 1599671445439.jpg (31 KB, 555x644)
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Indians lives rent free in your head, get a life
Indians pay rent to live near me. I'm not a fan.
File: FJAreGaUcAUFqkH.png (44 KB, 657x527)
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>exclusively do systems programming or embedded
>almost exclusively use c, c++, rust or bash
>don't have this problem
Technical copywriters and sites who game the algorithm deserve the rope
especially since smart autists and PhD won't do SEO
They're not very smart then.
Yep. Jeets literally turned google 1st page into a designated
The problem with your logic is intent - someone gaming the algorithm are doing it for attention. Someone providing information might do it for a huge host of reasons; see 4chan. Likewise, there isn't really any correlation, maybe a negative correlation, between impartial, high quality information and the desire to promote it intensely.

It's kind of similar to the absolute clusterfuck that ecommerce has become. You can control quality at entrance, but doing so is extremely time consuming and limits your market. So, you can let the market self regulate, but bad actors will be able to exploit this and often do. You can then have third parties do regulation and review, but their goals are their own.

So, it really becomes a problem of where can you find autists that are providing this uninfluenced information? If you yourself are doing your research, do you actually provide this information anywhere once you find it or do you silo it? I silo it, because I can't be bothered to share - fuck dem retarded normies.
I remember that one fringe search engine that was regulated and only accepted results from websites that are not complete garbage. Can’t remember the name though.
Not sure either, this is maybe the biggest problem with the current state of mass market information.
>We want large quantity, high quality, crowdsourced information.
>Large quantity means human quality control becomes impossible
>Crowd sourcing creates dubious quality
>Quality control is incredibly difficult to program for information and is easily exploitable without human intervention
It's honestly a fascinating problem and only getting worse. I also imagine this is going to cause a general FAGMAN stagnation in a lot of areas.

>I can buy Amazon products
>Quality control is trash
>The search is trash
>The prices aren't great
Like as soon as Walmart can shill itself better, IKEA gets better at delivery, or a new player sells fewer goods better Amazon has a huge problem.
>Like as soon as Walmart can shill itself better, IKEA gets better at delivery, or a new player sells fewer goods better Amazon has a huge problem
What's a government subsidy and why somebody who doesn't have those up their ass like amazon can't possibly compete?
what the fuck is this guy trying to say?

bro you need to look in books from the 60s-90s number one rule to be successful do not use Google or major search engines as you must assume the shit it presents you is all false information.

the spoonfed trannys and libs are going to reply with, YOU ARE JUST A PARANOID BOOMER TAKE YOUR MEDS. dude

these people are being controlled by the first pages of information they come across, especially careful sourcing from 4chan or reddit as faggits and CIA, jews control the majority of the narrative in both places. this place is not like it used to be.

parse information better
if your dumbass uses python or some new program language that depends on. actually no you figure out how to make use of the information yourself.
You're missing the point here, you can't compete with Amazon at its own game mostly because of AWS and actual profit centers. Yet, the reality might be that the game isn't worth playing.

The vast majority of amazon products don't have amazon as a producer or a direct buyer - effectively, it receives an input and sends it to a buyer. So, the value amazon provides is a storefront and a distribution network. The problem is that distribution scaling is a nightmare - congestion, storage, labor & density, etc and all of these will have variable cost to it.

>so what?
Once you scale, it's incredibly difficult to unscale. So, amazon has warehouses full of ogre fleshlights to sell or whatever and greatly ramped up retail during the pandemic. So much so that the entire network is a dumpster fire.
>These competitors don't need to unamazon amazon
They just need to carve out particular niches. IKEA, if it had good distribution, can easily out quality and price match amazon - why? Because it's a private company with great quality control. If amazon loses a significant part of home goods and has a distribution network setup to ship them...

I'm rambling at this point, but it's just very interesting to me.
The fuck is your dumb nigger ass googling? I google shit like
"linen sheets made in EU"
/sqt/ is genuinely a better resource at this point
>be you
>be retard nigger
>drink /pol/ koolaid unironically
>insist that all your education comes from wypipo
>have to deal with autists writing a fucking novel with half a million lines of pseudobusiness-tier code to explain fizzbuzz fail to deliver an explanation anyway
>have to deal with uptight faggots that dump textbook theory but never actually touch on practicalities
>have to deal with Rick and Morty enjoyer high IQ posting twats that talk about anything except the actual problem because that's an antipattern or some shit
>"muh fucking indians, takes forever to get an explanation"

>be me
>look for things
>first result is some Indian dude sharing actual code with a modicum of concise and to the point expansion
>be done with my question in 5 minutes
>have been working as a software engineer for about 5 years
>want to get away from relying on stack overflow code for learning new things
>look up documentation for random method in a framework we're using
>always documented as a generic FunctionName<T>(Args<T>):<T> nonsense with a generic description
>no examples on how to actually use it correctly
>have to look up stack overflow anyway

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