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I personally have avoided them, for privacy concerns but apparently it's free and open source, therefore it ought to be Stallman proof.
But then again, it's developed by Google, which is evil.

So.... What do you guys think? Yay? Or should I stick with the fox.
Firefox nightly is based, scrolling is so smooth
Has extra telemetry not covered by any user.js
Use ungoogled chromium. Its fine
I just use google chromium, but we get this thread 20 times a week minimum.
File: vivaldi.png (268 KB, 892x678)
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268 KB PNG
Well I really like the Vivaldi user interface, tab options, and possible customization.
What do you want more, privacy or a nice theme
>/g/ approved?
who the fuck cares what is /g/ approved or not, just use what you like you faggot
well, I'd rather have both.
Well then pick another browser
this, nobody's opinion matters but your own.
Do yourself a favor and stop caring about this mythical privacy. You literally use facebook, tons of different add-ons, gmail, youtube, windows, google, some weird programs, your isp see everything you do, google ads are spying on you wherever you go, you have android, you use what's app etc. Man it's really hopeless. Everyone had this moments of caring for their privacy, but after some time you just realize how pointless it is. What you can do now is to just take this blue pill and use vivaldi. After configuring everything and using it for a week I guarantee that you won't be able to use any other browser
I fucking hate smooth scrolling.
Then disable it
A nice theme actually makes a difference in my life, privacy doesn't
Newfag here, is KurobaEx a good app? I basically only use my phone to browse 4chan nowadays and I dislike majority of browsers.
yes as long as you add any of these.

### Extensions

The must have extensions for a browser. Every other functionality is already coverered by ublock origin filter list or a violentmonkey userscript.

- [sponsorblock](https://github.com/ajayyy/SponsorBlock 'Sponsorblock')
- [ublock origin](https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock#ublock-origin 'uBlock')
- [violentmonkey](https://github.com/violentmonkey/violentmonkey)

#### Userscripts

- [Linkify Plus](https://github.com/eight04/linkify-plus-plus)
- [Absolute Right-Click](https://gist.github.com/amblerkr/7f065339f87563c9d4afcfd456760b0a)

#### My recommended ublock filters

First disable the default ones included already on ublock that are based on this list.

- [Adguard Annoyances](https://filterlists.com/lists/adguard-annoyances-filter-optimized)
- [Easylist](https://filterlists.com/lists/easylist-optimized)
- [Easyprivacy](https://filterlists.com/lists/easyprivacy-optimized)
- [Legitimate URL Shortener](https://github.com/DandelionSprout/adfilt)

#### Extra filter lists

Pick two or three of the following options. Most things are already covered by the recommended filters.

- [Antipaywall](https://github.com/llacb47/miscfilters/)
- [Hello-GoodBye](https://github.com/bcye/Hello-Goodbye)
- [IDAC](https://www.i-dont-care-about-cookies.eu/abp/)
- [Fanboy Annoyances](https://filterlists.com/lists/fanboys-annoyance-list-optimized)
- [Fuck Ad-block](https://github.com/bogachenko/fuckfuckadblock)
- [Web Annoyances](https://github.com/yourduskquibbles/webannoyances)
File: daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.png (258 KB, 1600x868)
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258 KB PNG
This is very useful, thanks anon!!

I mean. Can Firefox handle tabs like this? I have like a hundred pages open in it and it's a mess. Vivaldi can natively tile them for comparison. it's amazing for comparing sheet music for example.
But I'm only just trying it out, so I'm not a pro with it yet
I did, I haven't used Mozilla in 15 years.
i just use chrome
ungoogled chromium is literally the same thing but doesn't load some things
>inb4 edward snowden
i couldn't care less

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