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>new gpus entirely unavailable since September
>new video game consoles entirely unavailable since November
>even secondary sources of new gpus (prebuilts and laptops) are being snatched up now
>old cards (2 generations or more) are being sold at above their original value, and are in short supply
How do you unironically solve the scalper problem? (And, by proxy, miner problem for gpus?)
This isn’t a seethe-post or sour grapes. Its a legitimate question in that this is an actual problem in the technology industry that is set to only grow worse over time.
Shortages and scalping of course happens elsewhere (see toilet paper of last year), but those are only ever temporary issues, and my example literally required legislative intervention to resolve hastily.
Nvidia played a placebo motion to ‘limit’ 3060’s for mining, but A) miners literally don’t care and will buy them anyways B) this does nothing to address scalping
>manchildren mad that their toys got taken away
god I love bitcoin miners so god damn much
File: based_and_redpilled.gif (523 KB, 367x219)
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523 KB GIF
Indeed. Based bitcoin miners making consoomers seethe.
government mandated captchas for online purchases to kill scalper bots
>implying I don’t got
I’m quick enough nigga. I’m asking from an outsider’s viewpoint.

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