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I wake up at 4.30AM.
I exercise my muscles every day at home.
I follow an Ayurveda diet for my Kapha and Pitta doshas combined with intermitent fasting and antiaging herbs and supplements. I take about 20 pills per day, and my daily Maca, Astragalus and Ashwagandha for testo. I like to spice things up with Garam Masala. Not to forget my Chyawanaprasha for breakfast.
I use Linux.
I hate news, I only follow the Lex Fridman and Eric Weinstein's podcasts, Steve Pavlina's blog and not much else, although I struggle with news and read something more in a bad day.
I don't play much videogames except Stellaris on LAN.
I listen to vapourwave, EDM. My favourite singers are British with some Asian genes, such as Nerina Pallot or Jasmine Rodgers. I admit the best musicians (for me) are British: DMX Krew, Aphex Twin among them.
I like to make music, although I use a Windows computer for that.
I am a race realist.
Nowadays I don't read much, I like to read the magazines of very IQ societies (way above Mensa) and Conan the Barbarian for the 70's and 80's for fun.
I don't have social media, only use Whatsapp. Have a TW account (empty, never use it), same for a FB account.
I like to do my searchs through Yandex.
I am self-employed.
I work 7 days a week, although mostly at home, and stop when I'm tired.
My biggest dream is to have a nice house with a home pool in a relaxed environment. I would like to live a 90's American Dream, with a nice white girl, long straight brunette hair, jeans, plain white t-shirt, that enjoys playing the piano. I would provide, she would respect me.
I'm 18 and took a GAP year before college, and I'm from Southern Europe.

Should I study Computer Engineering?
I don't remember subscribing to a blog
Stfu faggot
You should take your meds
File: 661879321-H-1024x700.jpg (140 KB, 1024x700)
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Didn't you read the part in which I said that I take 20 pills per day? And look at this gem.

This is wonderful for your health.

This is quality content for free, you should profit from it.

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