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I have a broken PS2 Fan. I could buy another old PS2 fan off of eBay, but since it's broken, I feel that I might as well upgrade it with a superior fan. Are there any computer fans on the market I could replace the PS2 fan with that would fit inside and work? I wouldn't mind giving the fan a separate power switch that's outside the PS2.

Never heard heating problems with PS2 so there's no reason using another fan
Especially since you can get one that cheap
I found this, but it seems as if I could break my PS2 from soldering in the wrong place. I wouldn't mind having a separate battery to power on the fan that's outside of the console.



That's stupid. Modding it with a better fan is fine, even though the original is great, but why would you sacrifice the whole package and add on a battery externally. Find out how many volts the orginal fan needs and fit whatever fan you want to it but hardwire it into the PS2.
Mine also died and I just use a usb-connected fan. I didn't have to place it inside. It's just standing from the outside.
I'm thinking about buying this fan. It's $27 more expensive than the standard fan. I figure it would make more sense to buy something better than to buy the same cheap fan. As an eBay seller myself, I know that, even though the typical PS2 fan sells on eBay for $8, I'm only spending $4 on the fan itself, since it typically costs between $3 and $5 to ship such an item.
>Are there any computer fans on the market I could replace the PS2 fan with that would fit inside and work?

>determine mm fan size
>determine fan voltage

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