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Can we have got some input ITT about anti virus software?

Do you feel like an AV is necessary for certain systems or machines?
Should an enterprise environment have an AV running on as many hosts as possible?
Which AV are you using or would you recommend?

[spoilers]Or is it all a meme?[/spoilers]
For home use, if you're not senseless then no, you do not need AV software. From a business standpoint, yes you do need AV software of every endpoint because half of your users are senseless. I had someone yesterday send me screenshots of all the warnings our AV software was sending up about a file they were trying to open, and rather than realizing the e-mail they had gotten it from was a scam they were asking me what they needed to do to get the information from this ridiculously important file.
Is it worth it to get a central AV on a server and deepscan (sorry for meme spouting) every packet going to the client hosts? Does such a thing even exist? Or is it just better or easier to install an AV on each endpoint?

Can you recommend or just name some AV vendors? I only know ClamAV and ESET.
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>using an OS that is so full of holes that you need a fucking AV
If you're looking for corporate shit look into microsoft's endpoint security. I've also heard stuff about Splunk.
Do you need (Azure) for that? Looks pretty comfy

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