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File: koichan.png (24 KB, 1916x903)
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Mostly just for fun and to shake off my web dev cobwebs. Might even keep it up as an art board.
I'm debating on how to go about this. I'm kind of wanting to go the .NET MVC route, but it's just been so long since I've used it. Does that sound right? and then MySQL for the database... do I need to create a REST API? I don't know much about that.
>do I need to create a REST API
Just use PHP
That's what I was thinking. Would that be PHP or javascript that I would need for users to mark a specific thread as "Lurk"?
Use whatever you know how to use.
If you're going to use .NET, then use .NET Core 3.1 LTS from the start, as it's an improvement on every sense over the Windows only predecesor.
File: bk.jpg (285 KB, 1040x1396)
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Use Elixir, Elm, and PostgreSQL. And maybe I'll call you based.
I'm not a fan of anything .NET so that's a hard pass from me but good luck I guess. Anyway, 4chan didn't have an API until it got to the point where even small amounts of data savings would add up. So you don't need one but if you site ever takes off expect people to just scrape the pages instead since they don't have an API available.
File: 2020-06-30 17_33_56-.png (3 KB, 207x124)
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this works for me
File: FukkenSaved.png (2 KB, 210x161)
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Good advice, thanks anon
File: wojak_happy.jpg (32 KB, 320x320)
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is it open source? I'd like to poke around in the code
>mark a specific thread as "Lurk"
You mean thread watching and/or pinning? JavaScript or a client-side application.
PHP is only for server-side code. Thread polling is a client's job. The server shouldn't waste resources doing this shit.
It's been done and better: https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan
File: wget.png (45 KB, 801x458)
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Make Touhou and anime board please.
Also ban shounentards.
>The server shouldn't waste resources doing this shit.
Especially since malicious users could falsify their address and have you spam someone else with that info.
>is it open sores
god i hope not.
At the very minimum you would use .NET Core 3.x
It supports MySQL out of the box too.

Consider using Blazor WebAssembly for something different. It's in preview and you'd have to use .NET 5 Preview but you then won't have to write any JavaScript. But she's fresh so it would come with it's own complications. But the thread watching stuff becomes easier with this method.
Interesting. Is it about art only?
File: 1576727140911.jpg (30 KB, 960x960)
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>going back to early 2000s left bar design
>giant fucking header
>wasted space everywhere
clone is the wrong word.

kys with a spoon
Simply use python and Flask with Redis and MariaDB.
Best imageboard engine around, shit on it all you want. It's well maintained and the best engine out there. Vichan can suck it.
File: ammarserver.png (59 KB, 506x662)
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The patrician solution would be to write it in C
Will I be able to shitpost on the board through terminal based web browsers?

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